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The dinosaurian fossil discovery in Tibet
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The dinosaurian fossil discovery in Tibet
Qinghai-Tibet Platean of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is integrated and scientific group of expedition ancient vertebrate 1976 autumn, amount to a horse to pull Shanxi slope in Tibetan prosperous, the height of altitude 4000-5000 rice discovered a large number of dinosaur and other vertebrate fossil.
Basis of personnel of division take an examination ofing is a bit more original clew, inside the limits of about 10 kilometers, discovered 5 fossil producing area, the more than 20 box that hair disinter weighs about 4 tons reptile and piscine fossil. Preliminary appraisal has more than 10 categories, belong to newly plant about 10 or so newly. The specimen has skull of bone of vertebral, costal, limb, part and many tooth. Among them dot of a fossil finds dinosaurian tooth more than 30, this is in other area with the layer in it is rare. Amount to fossil of Ma Lashan vertebrate to be able to divide a fauna: The first fauna calls piscine alligator fauna, the shark that contains cartilage fish kind, bony fish kind etc of hard tooth fish square scale fish, the alligator that still has reptile kind, plesiosaur. The 2nd fauna is Xi dragon fauna, composition is simple, it is Liu Qi's reptile completely, basically be Xi foot kind bewitching dragon kind, the dragon that eat the meat kind gigantic tine dragon kind, empty bone dragon kind only then jaw dragon kind wait for composition. The 3rd kind of fauna is fauna of Xi foot dinosaur, wrist dragon kind dinosaur is his main component, still have saurian fossil, also be Liu Qi's reptile.
Most is dinosaurian fossil in this batch of fossil. What animal is dinosaur? Their grotesque it may be said is much! Have empty " of petty " bone, walk nimble empty bone dragon; Have claw of gigantic tooth benefit, the feral and overbearing dragon that eat the meat; Have much tooth of " of " duck head, two sufficient walking duck chew dragon; The body wraps around " armature " , the horny dragon with compressed body; Have bear armour piece, the stegosaurus with head pointed blunt claw; Have zygomatic outside dash forward, the mouth is like parrot, the parrot chew dragon with short figure. Still have the giant with small huge body, sluggish action- - Xi foot kind dinosaurian; Etc. Outside be being given priority to with carnivorous except the dragon that eat the meat, empty bone dragon, other dinosaur is careless feeding habits completely. Because walk means (two legs or between 4 legs touchdown) etc life characteristics is distinct, different dinosaurian territory also has difference: The peak of some high mountains; Some is in Qiu Ling is low-lying; Some is in by the side of lakefront bank; Some is in bush is jungly; Some is in deep lake is marine; Some is in shallow water is fenny. Anyhow, ethereal underground, in summit water, all without exception is held by the dinosaurian place of regnant at that time nature. In the dinosaur that Tibet discovers first blame with Xi foot kind dinosaurian and most. Their head is very small, but there is one big pituitary after the head, figure this cerebella can conduct maxillary activity only, accept a sense, what send message to the pelvis through nerve is bigger than brain severalfold nerve ball, is some people appellation Xi foot kind dinosaurian? Quot; head " , its action is the activity that conducts rear and hind leg. A such heavy and bulky bodies are directed by " of ball of two " nerve, it is incongruous for certain. What is more,the rather that, weight is too great, demand quantity of heat is much, illuminate in what day of burning hot cruel gets on land bask in, difficulty and inconvenience also are clearly. But live in water, the flotage of water of have the aid of, can reduce weight, get with respect to freedom on the action much; Because of Xi foot kind body length is big, reside deep water more, here does not have as much in that way as shallow water area competitor, this also is they live, the one side with advantageous evolution. Xi foot kind characteristics of dinosaurian amphibious life, it is external cause has change through internal cause, configuration construction mutates for a long time, the result that suits gradually: Xi foot kind the tooth bends, compressed the spoon form that submits slim and fragile, this eats the alga that feeds softness in water, are clam and small fish? Quot; is gratified of " , vertebral go up the nest that show hole is tectonic, limb joint surface is rough, shank slim and fragile, 4 sufficient compressed, benefit at swimming, especially cervical slightness, in water the activity is indispensable also, an eye bazoo that is located in the top of head is a bit roric face, have breath, " of enemy's situation of spy out " , can stay for long in water, it is only when laying eggs or resting, just move toward lake bank, invade to theirs with reducing the dragon that eat the meat.
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