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The mystery of snowman
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The mystery of snowman
To make clear the mystery of ground person, so far, a few explorer, scientist, had undertaken twice making an on-the-spot investigation in the Himalayas area. For the first time Sikkim government undertakes. Make an on-the-spot investigation this to be divided in all group, inspect the 3rd height of world of area bureau be confined to- - the foot of a mountain of Zhang Jiafeng striking a wall, make an on-the-spot investigation this empty-handed; It is expedition of snowman of one United States was in 1959 the 2ndNepaleseThe last a period of time that churchyard has half-moon make an on-the-spot investigation, also end in failure.
But, the failure that make an on-the-spot investigation, did not eliminate the possibility that snowman exists. This is the place that appears and disappear because of snowman, traffic inconvenience, although get the information of snowman activity, wait for the person that make an on-the-spot investigation to hurry to the spot, snowman goes already into thin air. Say the the Himalayas takes time of seal a moutain pass of winter heavy snow to grow again, summertime rainy season is as long as again 3 many months, give make an on-the-spot investigation bring a lot of difficulty. Because the explorer of this a few countries and scientific worker suggest, should be in a year be chosen the season with the most advantageous choose, undertake large-scale, time makes an on-the-spot investigation longerly; Another some of person suggests, the objective such as skin of the fossil of skeleton of " of alleged " snowman that should weigh gold to buy collect carefully of the bonze in cloister, the top of head, have assay and identification, whether snowman exists in order to decide. 1980, american Maryland university toNepaleseThe government offers application, the decision sends expedition of a large snowman, undertake making an on-the-spot investigation extensively in the slope austral the the Himalayas, so that the mystery of unlock snowman.
From " Tibetan information center "

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