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Resemble male mystery
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Resemble male mystery
The elephant is male, meaning the ground " that is " roc bird, chinese history account " sheet is the same as " , it is the civilized center with Tibetan the earliest highland. According to archaeology research and history record, have BC like hero 10 centuries already rose abruptly in Tibetan highland, and antedate Tibetan regime in ancient China and Tang Chaojian establish a relationship. In the Christian era 6 - 7 centuries, resembling hero already was give priority to with herd, hold agriculture concurrently. Old generation elephantine hero passes extremely high culture, it formed its distinctive elephant profound and powerful writing not only, and still be Tibetan tradition indigenous religion - the birthplace that benzene teachs, culture of whole to the down to of Tibetan regime in ancient China later Tibet produced profound effect. At the height of power and splendour of dynasty elephantine hero when, ever had extremely powerful military affairs force, its territory included the one share of the major area of Tibetan highland and Qinghai, Sichuan, and the Kashmir western and Ladake. Later, tibetan regime in ancient China rises abruptly in Tibetan highland gradually, to the Christian era when 8 centuries, conquered thoroughly the elephant is male. Thenceforth rises, disappeared as suddenly as male kingdom and culture, relics of its character document, palace up to now textual research of have no way, left the doubt of through the ages.

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