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Omen and augur

Omen and augur, it is Tibetian forecasts future one kind to rest the old method of blame, we know, tibetian first civilian also be the same as other people first ancestor same, in the long-term life, practice that produces work, accumulated the knowledge that knows objective thing gradually, picture " rain of Xi Hong of Dong Hong sun " , " the person is yellow sick, day is yellow have calamity " the early days phenomenon that waits for thing of this kind of understanding. These work in the life, production the experience that summary of the place in practice comes out, in the final analysis is nevertheless after all among them dinky one part. Still have a lot of appearances, also include those amphibolous appearances, because people gets at that time the confine of intellectual level, be regarded as to be mysterious Mo Ce, elusory then. But, these phenomena often direct with Tibetian first civilian itself has interests. Often make them perplexed and disturbed so. Not know what to do, must place the hope consequently ' " deities can give enlightenment " on in order to coach its act, get " be apt to undertakes, evil evasive " , " blessing of hasten of calamity of take a turn to be out of danger, hare " ' . This is academia those who say for " omen is superstitious " (" augural superstition " ) the reason of generation.

At this moment, the koradji of period of a few primitive religion, according to a few contains contingency omen results that they achieve at ordinary times, later accidentally and the 2nd, the 3rd coincidence, then these coincidence became koradji people the inevitable conclusion that explains all sorts of million are resembled. This kind " omen is superstitious " content, also be abounded as time elapse gradually and develop ahead. Arrived later, resemble this male teaching to pass into Tibetan ground, tibetian is primitive " omen is superstitious " superstitious and as mutual as the omen that this teaching confluence, its content more rich, till early days of dynasty of Tibetan regime in ancient China; Namely (Tibetan king all is written down) so called " every 26 generation all administer Wang Zheng with this teaching " period, koradji (basically be appear with teaching the face of koradji originally) be regarded as already completely to be the expert that can explain omen phenomenon. Assist general comes on, next coming general black head common people, one have million elephant, before all without exception begs koradji, come with resting definitely blame. Period of assist of heart of Japanese red pine, the lonely that this follower of a religion walks along transmission buddhism for drive is protected (interpret quiet life) , use namely " thunder Ji red hill, flood sweeps Pang Tang palace, be troubled by big plague " elephant of this kind of million, come to what concealing the destination of the transmission of the area achieve blow India buddhism.

As to augur, also be Tibetian likewise first civilian one of main content of primitive religion activity. Alleged augur, it is to point to " Nostradamus uses nature, mechanical or factitious tool and method, to deities the inquiry goes and the result bearer thing and other thing, the good fortune of misfortune of judgement good or ill luck such as the Zhao Wen that comes according to showing on augur tool, signal, think afore-mentioned signal, it is the meaning of ghosts and gods, people gets the information that come according to these, regard oneself as the finger of behavior.
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