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Tibet is close ancestor the art that collect secret uncovers secret
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Concealing the belief of yin and yang that expresses buddhism is the basiccest religious doctrine, the long practice that teachs to Cang Chuanfo has direct effect. We see be returned to be " shade " sexual material: Knowledge, material, feeling, language, bright, so that whole universe is electronegative. Electronegative energy and wisdom are the source that generates real world, so the Nazarite that a Cang Chuanfo teachs, realize the ground to become Buddha greatly for big thorough, must obtain so called " shade essence " . To obtain this kind of primitive energy, the person that Tibet conducts Buddhist long practice must master corresponding " method " . The Living Buddha with profound magic arts, it is a big enchanter, his all-purpose competence origin is him to electronegative energy source operate. In his body interior existence wears to absorb, repair the negative that drill and becomes, old a title of respect for a Buddhist or Taoist priest makes the couple inside him body exists at the same time, this is him the fountainhead of vast supernatural power. Will strictly tell, old a title of respect for a Buddhist or Taoist priest is one exceeds those who jumped nature " quality " the people, he has the male to have the female's capacity again already, and this opposes bisexually inside his body with sex it is the key that he uses a method. He is person of an open secret, ask an attention, this couple is not equal existence on his body, have trenchant order and degree however: Male going up, female falling; Male for " method " , female for " wisdom " . Electropositive and regnant move is electronegative. This " bisexual syncretic " doctrine is every close the central judgment of a lection. The double sex that the purpose of a person that build practice wants to realize syncretic of this one yin and yang inside him body namely is deiform. Ask an attention, this is individual the double sex of the syncretic of yin and yang inside, the sex that is not the person that say to build practice was counteracted, antipodal, this couple produces tremendous energy in the double sex inside his body (what the in a sense can envisage report is polar) . We know, according to close religion justice, the fountainhead of whole universe energy is bisexual sex, so after itself of the person that build practice now has couple of male and female, he had birth capacity - - the ability of birth everythings on earth.

Here the interesting coincidence that we will come to see a history go up: The Budda on fabulous history has 32 indicative on the body, there is day annulus design to wait on baseboard for instance. The 10th symbolizes is the symptom that Cryptorchidie is called on western medicine, namely the penis covers for place of one skin fold, "Conceal is in the vagina, like liking male horse " . In Mahayana this is become by the explanation Budda's asexuality, because Mahayana thinks sexual itself is Babylon, and double sex person's more double injustice. The nature in buddhism is being passed in Tibet is Budda is inherent have bisexual an organic whole, and his electropositive ability does not have lack because of this, really contrary, "Like liking male horse " strong.
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