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General situation of climate of Tibetan area travel
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In recent years, government of the Xizang Autonomous Region seizes the opportunity with downy arisen travel, grow travel enterprise energetically, obtained remarkable economic benefits, only 1 ~ welcomed global visitor in August 2004 870 thousand. But very few still to the introduction of travel climate, a lot of tourists can call will enquire climate of tourist attraction of my area travel. Develop travel climate resource adequately, it is a when develop tourism main job undoubtedly. To develop resource of climate of Tibetan highland travel better, help global tourist choose travel place and travel time, author compose this article, the hope can have the effect of navigation to the tourist.

Brigade dissociate does not open climate, climate is the indispensable resource in travel, climate condition is tourist the element of first consideration, because it affects the purpose to travel directly. Tibetan highland is located in region of middle latitude of the Northern Hemisphere, area kilometer of 1.22 million much square, average height above sea level 4000 meters, be located in the southwest ministry of Asian mainland, roughly geographical coordinate is north latitude 52 ′ of 26 ° , 32 ′ of 36 ° , the east longitude 24 ′ of 78 ° , 06 ′ of 99 ° . Sichuan is faced east, xiliankeshenmier is downy, north relies on Kunlun Shan Tanggula mountain range, southern lie across is worn average height above sea level the Himalayas arteries and veins of 6000 meters of above. Tibet is cherished by numerous and tremendous mountain range place, torrent countless rapid river rivers and laky, because landform is complex,formed the climate kind with each unique area.

Area of Tibetan area climate is divided roughly it is 5, it is ministry of southeast of the area in Tibetan north, A, Tibet, Tibet respectively the southern brim area of mid, Tibet.

Tibetan north

Hide boreal a gleam of namely (that, how much, Shen Za, Ban Ge, when male) , belong to highland inferior frigid zone, average height above sea level is controlled for 4500 meters, it is the base of stock raising production with the mainest the Xizang Autonomous Region, winter chill, the summer is not hot, dry wet season is trenchant. Year average fall in 320 ~ 460 millimeter are controlled, most good year fall amounts to 685 millimeter (went out to be become now 1974 male) , least fall 176 millimeter (appeared in Shen Za) 1994, precipitation basically is centered in 5 ~ in September, monsoon begins to be commonly at the beginning of June. Here is area of a many hail, hail day counts, not only the coronal that is the whole nation, and it is the Northern Hemisphere is the same as latitudinal region hail most area. That, year hail day number amounts to 35 days, appeared 1954 to be 64 days at most, it is the infrequent much hail area on the world, much hail also is the characteristic of a climate here.

Area Tibetan north year average air temperature - 1.7 ℃ of 2.8 ~ ; The summer (5 ~ in September) average and highest air temperature 17 ℃ of 11 ~ , average air temperature is in 12 ℃ of 1 ~ ; The extreme is highest 26.7 ℃ of 23.2 ~ , appeared in June; Average lowest air temperature - 7 ~ - air temperature of lowest of 9 ℃ , extreme - 30 ~ - 38 ℃ (appeared January) .
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