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In Tibetan monsoon road besides how? Should bring rain gear?
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Tibetan monsoon basically is in centrally 6, 7, August, one to monsoon road condition is very bad, cannot foresight is especially tall, the first day well road surface, in the evening a rainstorm, the road may be developed, these 2 days may not have a road to be able to go, or bypass and row, but also need not worry, work of maintain a road is very much, and the garrison unit that still has place is helped (some army protect local a section of a highway namely and set) , general situation, a few hours can be solved, it is OK to want you to have psychology prepares only. As to rain gear, if you are pedestrian, mountain-climbing, by bicycle, the self-help of expeditionary and so on travels, the garment of the assault on the belt before suggesting you set out, pants that prevent rain, prevent rain boot. If you are to join group of travel agent tourism, do not need to bring rain gear commonly, because of Tibetan rain, it is nocturnal rain mostly, rain in night, basic by day it is clear sky 10 thousand lis, and you still have trailer coach whole journey to follow, in this the respect need not worry too.

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