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Tibet - - celestial colour (2)
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Tibet - - celestial colour (2)

The rays of morning or evening sunshine on highland

In these two period of time before sunrise hind and sunset, the sun is in day aerial position is very small, the distance that sunshine passes through in aerosphere is the longest, make scenery is warmed tonal radial place is surrounded thereby, sun's rays and cloud (the lunt that the cloud includes and dust) present a very rich administrative levels and grain jointly.

We know, after prism of sun's rays course is prismatic, inside the scope that people visual sense can see, can form the spectrum that arranges by red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet order. Among them, gules wavelengh is the longest, purple wavelengh is the shortest. All sorts of part that include in atmosphere are having the effect of prism on certain level, of course, the prism action of the lunt in atmosphere and dust is the strongest. We often see day aerial cloud contains enough steam and dust with respect to the bag, have very powerful prism effect consequently. In the meantime, the lunt in atmosphere and dust also have very powerful scattering effect, scattering action also can divide sun's rays into likewise afore-mentioned 7 kinds of visible light.


On the lunt that includes in the cloud when the sunshine oblique fire of morning and dusk and dust when, because they are right the prism action of sun's rays and scattering action, should meet appear by red to 7 kinds of violet visible light. Say commonly, when sunrise, suffer the effect of the prism action of the cloud, should appear by violet arrive gradually red light; And contrary when sunset, should appear by red arrive gradually violet light. However, it is when the sun when horizon is the following, because be close to the air of the ground medium dust is very much, sun's rays should pass the airy scattering action of Sunday run and prism action, often remain only with glow dominant in the key point that the long wave can send people. This is why the afterglow that people sees and alpenglow Dou Yigong are lubricious the reason that gives priority to tone.

In highland, the astronomical phenomena such as sunrise and sunset is being watched on the the Himalayas especially also is very interesting, because of here the aerosphere of 1/2 already fell in the foot, air is rare, mix before sunrise the sun when sunset is not out of shape basically, star shines without giving thought to or it is dark, not bat an eyelid. Lag behind with day before sunrise especially, bright-coloured red is on horizon, and of back-to-back move is orange, yellow, green and blue above red, colored ribbon is very narrow, but contrast is very bright.

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