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Study worker shows Qinghai-Tibet Platean is put in center of apparent ozone low
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As a result of antarctic ozonosphere empty discovery makes people begins to pay close attention to atmosphere ozone the possibility of a large number of loss, appear in polar region not only and appear in middle latitude area likely. Different investigator all makes clear to the research of gross of ozone of our country each district, gross of ozone of our country each district already had comparative decrease. And the decrement of gross of Qinghai-Tibet Platean ozone is gotten badlier than Chinese other area much, put in center of apparent ozone low cost. This one result caused the great attention of international division academia.

Place of scientific research of bureau of atmosphere of the Xizang Autonomous Region tells a reporter except much doctor, in last few years consider to make clear, qinghai-Tibet Platean summer is put in the physics that remarkable ozone loss enhances and chemical process, although its loss is inferior to antarctic " ozone hole " , but in the Northern Hemisphere it is very unusual appearance, those who say for center of low cost of Qinghai-Tibet Platean ozone. The landform with distinctive itself of summertime Qinghai-Tibet Platean and its motivation and heating power action are to in the sky form Qinghai-Tibet Platean one of main reasons of area of ozone gross low cost, action of divergence of high-level of Qinghai-Tibet Platean ascendant air current is to cause ozone concentration reductive main factor, relative to character, the ozone concentration change that causes by chemistry in Qinghai-Tibet Platean is very little.

Say except much doctor, considering the value that Tibetan highland ozone studies, be in early Institute of Environmental Science of air of highland of the Xizang Autonomous Region and physics of earth of university of Norwegian Bei Ergen fastened combination to be in 1996 of committee of science and technology of the Xizang Autonomous Region aid financially below, wear very technically in building of business of municipal atmosphere bureau set by Norwegian Beiergen university earth physics fastens offerred much wave band appearance of observation of prismatic type ozone. From now on, as the center of Qinghai-Tibet Platean, lhasa area has what nod surely first, long the ozone of series and UV radiate data. Basis 1996, 1999 the data of site of TOMS satellite Lhasa, the ozone change of Lhasa area is main the characteristic is: Autumn shows ascendant trend to spring ozone gross, spring arrives the summer is average ozone gross drop off; Mean monthly value of ozone gross lowest appears in spring; Additional, the wave motion of gross of ozone of a few months of wintry spring is bigger, 3 months submit the summer smoother downtrend.

According to reporter understanding, although ozone is in atmosphere content is very few, but very important to the mankind and biologic influence, ozonosphere held back the sun euqally just like earthly umbrella the ultraviolet radiate of 99 % , protecting everythings on earth of tellurian the people, it is extremely low even biology configuration relies on atmosphere ozone closely. If there is ozone in atmosphere,its content decreases, radiate of sun ultraviolet ray reachs the floor with respect to meeting excessive ground. If accept radiate of excessive ultraviolet ray for a long time, will cause the DNA change inside the cell, oneself repair capability of the cell is abate, immune mechanism drops, make skin happening flexibility organizes metamorphic, horn to change cancer of down to skin, cause eyeball crystal to produce cataract. Consider to make clear, ozone concentration reduces 1 % , radiate of sun ultraviolet ray increases 1. 5, 2. 0 % , skin cancer increases 7 % , cataract increases 0. 6 % . On the other hand, the ozone near the earth's surface is a kind of important pollution gas, in last few years consider to discover, the mankind pollutes the air pollution that cause, make ozone concentration increases considerably near urban district the earth's surface not only, and upper ozone concentration has the tendency that increases generally. Upper ozone concentration is exorbitant, respiratory tract of inspiratory human body, can cause lobar function abate injure with the organization, cause cough, nose pharynx exciting, breath is short cover tightly with the bosom unwell etc. Accordingly, the reductive of gross of advection layer ozone that we cause in care mankind activity at the same time, also caring the question that upper ozone concentration raises.
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