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The whole world is calefacient bring to Qinghai-Tibet Platean sufferring two sid
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"In the whole world calefacient big environment falls, the rate with calefacient Qinghai-Tibet Platean is rapidder than world other place. " intense of Sun Hong of academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences says, of glacier, frozen earth melt to bring the zoology environment that gives Qinghai-Tibet Platean the effect that sufferring two respects.

Academician of Sun Hong intense is at 5 days of evening, xiang Zheng is in what this word says when the vice-chairman of standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress of survey of the Xizang Autonomous Region reports the work hotly. Before this, make an on-the-spot investigation by what the 19 people such as academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, researcher comprise group, to Mount Everest east glacier of flannelette glacier, arrange of that bitter fleabane undertook the spot make an on-the-spot investigation. He says, this the main purpose of division take an examination ofing is, consider how as far as possible slow down whole world is calefacient the problem of negative to Qinghai-Tibet Platean effect. He says: "We do not have a law to change the change of climate, but the proposal that we strive to be able to be local development to put forward science. But the proposal that we strive to be able to be local development to put forward science..

Intense academician introduces Sun Hong, in the whole world calefacient big environment falls, the melts to be brought to environment of Qinghai-Tibet Platean zoology front influence of glacier, frozen earth is, temporary zoology environment ameliorates; But will for a long time look, also will bring negative effect, if glacier is rapid,a large number of slush that melt brings are brought about likely a few more downstream laky burst, laky the grazing all round is flooded. One of purposes of their visit consider how to enhance the early warning system of laky burst namely, what will have potential menace is laky it is clear to be investigated ahead of schedule.

"Frozen earth melts to also will bring series issue, after like fenny careless underground permanent frozen earth melts, water level drops, the likelihood brings about careless field to degrade. " academician of Sun Hong intense says further. Develop the form of expert of the Chinese Academy of Sciences of advisory committee member as the the Xizang Autonomous Region, since 2000, already undertook 6 times advisory to Tibetan environmental protection and economic progress, still will inspect what devote oneself to this respect for a long time research henceforth.

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