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Tibet 2007 7, on the high side of average in August air temperature 1 to 2 Celsi
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The reporter learns from bureau of atmosphere of the Xizang Autonomous Region, came in July Tibet is major in August the area is average 1 Celsius reachs air temperature on the high side 2 Celsius, among them lion spring river, Lhasa comes lustre should take on the high side nearly 2 Celsius.

Introduce according to expert of bureau of atmosphere of the Xizang Autonomous Region, in August lustre when with 17. 4 Celsius start historical the corresponding period mean monthly air temperature is highest value, check of work of Chinese ink bamboo, prosperous, wave is close as highest as calendar year the corresponding period value keeps balance.

In addition, enter since July, tibet appears continuously weather of overcast and rainy, partial area appears short when the calamity sex weather such as strong precipitation, hail and thunder, cause big damage caused by waterlogging to kill wait for geological calamity with coast of body of mountain torrents, hill and mud-rock flow, right life of production of Tibetan farming animal husbandry, masses and highway traffic carry the influence with was caused certain.

Weather also brings about persistent much overcast and rainy to came in July Tibetan sunshine duration slanted generally in August little.

According to introducing, major area suffers Tibetan highland low-pressure system control, indian monsoon is active, downy moisture requirement is abundant; Activity of northward cold air is frequent at the same time, air of changes in temperature is in Tibetan highland is confluent, this causes Tibetan greater part to divide an area to appear continuously weather of overcast and rainy.

Long holiday of slave station of observatory of the Xizang Autonomous Region is pulled think, suffer global climate to become warm " ell Ni Nuo " the collective influence of incident, tibet goes winter today spring experienced 25 years to come the 3rd warm winter, this kind of unusual weather is brought about the probability of weather of occurrence extreme of Tibetan flood season increases this year.

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