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Global climate change affects environment of zoology of the Xizang Autonomous Re
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In the light of in last few years the glacier that the the Xizang Autonomous Region appears melts, laky water level rises, snow line rises wait for climate change phenomenon, concerned expert thinks consistently, in global climate calefacient big setting falls, climate of the Xizang Autonomous Region is heated trend and entire ball complement are consistent, the climate of the the Xizang Autonomous Region changes, main reason is the big trend that global climate changes.

   Climate change becomes the heat that the whole world pays close attention to

Current, the global environment change that is a delegate with climate change already was simple scientific question, environment problem only no longer, also be economic problem, politics problem and national safety problem at the same time. The earth's surface of 20 centuries whole world is average temperature rose 0.4-0.8 ℃ ; There are 8 years to appeared in the past 10 years in 10 the warmest years nearly 150 years (1996-2005 year) . In addition, the whole world is calefacient still bring about Xue Gai area to decrease, hai Bing area is reduced, attenuate; Ply of layer of frozen earth activity increases; Gas collosol increases apparently, the whole world pales; Ecosystem mutates or degrade; Grow in quantity of incident of extreme weather climate...

U.N. environment plans arrange (UNEP) estimation of a report, all sorts of natural disaster that caused because of climate change place 2003 make whole world at least loss 60 billion dollar, than 2002 55 billion increased 10 % .

   Climate of the Xizang Autonomous Region suffers the whole world to affect change big

According to data of expert of branch of atmosphere of the Xizang Autonomous Region the analysis makes clear: Nearly 40 years major area the four seasons mixes the the Xizang Autonomous Region year of average air temperature to warm up trend, especially autumn, winter. Area of high height above sea level warms up than area of low height above sea level strong. Tibet is downy year of average air temperature with 0.26 ℃ / increase rate of 10 years rises, the increase rate of whole nation of apparent prep above and global air temperature. Come nearly 10 years, incident of Tibetan extreme climate appears often, air temperature innovates repeatedly tall. Winter is average temperature is apparent on the high side, appear continuously warm winter, before ranking nearly 35 years 4 warm winter, after appearing 2000. To the reason that Tibetan climate changes, concerned expert thinks generally, this basically is the influence be caused by of the big setting that accepts global climate change.

   Climate change affects environment of zoology of the Xizang Autonomous Region apparently

As global climate calefacient, climate of the Xizang Autonomous Region produced the change of different level, main show rises tall, glacier to shrink back in air temperature, snow line rises etc. According to data analysis, from 20 centuries since 70 time, the temperature that Ma of whole happy event draws elegant district had lifted 1 ℃ . Air temperature of area of nearly 30 old Mount Everest presents clear ascendant trend, and grow with blame of wintry half an year growth of season air temperature is more remarkable, of Mount Everest area calefacient should antedate apparently China and whole world, and warm up range is bigger. Area of high height above sea level is sensitive to reaction of global climate change, calefacient extent lifts along with height above sea level commonly and increase.
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