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The whole world is calefacient bring about Qinghai-Tibet Platean climate to appe
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Qinghai-Tibet Platean is China and even world climate change sensitive area. Weather data analysis of nearly 50 years makes clear, the climate of Qinghai-Tibet Platean accepts the whole world calefacient influence appeared to change significantly. Because the climate of Qinghai-Tibet Platean has the tendency that lead changes relative to the whole world, this one phenomenon already caused the care of Chinese scientist.

Come nearly 50 years, qinghai-Tibet Platean climate changes to basically behave significantly for: It is air temperature rate-of-rise of air temperature average level of China of remarkable prep above and world; 2 it is precipitation gross increases, but distributing in time and space on more not all.

The data analysis since Qinghai saves atmosphere bureau to to Qinghai highland atmosphere was recorded 1961 makes clear, come nearly 50 years, qinghai is downy year of average and upper air temperature rise 10 every years 0. 33 ℃ , among them Chai Damu basin is more with every 10 years 0. The rate of 44 ℃ rises. The research of bureau of atmosphere of the Xizang Autonomous Region also reachs similar conclusion, tibetan area year average and upper air temperature about with every 10 years 0. The rate of 3 ℃ rises.

Because air temperature is remarkable elevatory, in recent years the highest air temperature of Qinghai-Tibet Platean already cut extreme value repeatedly. 2006, 39 countries have very sensitive to climate Qinghai-Tibet Platean in station of formal atmosphere observation extreme value of history of breakthrough of 13 stations air temperature. Autumn 2006, "3 rivers source " the area is average air temperature - 7. 9 ℃ , than 1971 - year of air temperature 2000 all be worth tower above 3. 7 ℃ , this is the warmest winter since this area has weather data. In Tibet, since October 2007, tibetan each district has 10 stations to measure day of highest air temperature to exceed extreme value of historical the corresponding period in station of 28 atmosphere observation.

By 2006, the branch such as bureau of atmosphere of ministry of science and technology, China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences releases " climate change country evaluates a report " show, recently in 50 years, china year average and upper air temperature increases 1. 1 ℃ , increase 10 every years on average 0. 22 ℃ .

The air temperature of Qinghai-Tibet Platean rises not only average level of prep above China, air temperature of whole world of the corresponding period of more apparent prep above every 10 years 0. The rate-of-rise of air temperature of 13 ℃ .

Chinese scientist has confirmed, qinghai-Tibet Platean is the sensitive area that global climate changes, relative to global climate change has the lead tendency of 5 years of above. In the meantime, the existence of Qinghai-Tibet Platean spreads the effect with be had main to the big compression ring of whole the Northern Hemisphere, its motivation and heating power effect make its make the control division of Asia and system of air of the Northern Hemisphere, formed Asian monsoon thereby.
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