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Science observes: The backside of melt of Asian water tower
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In October, weather gradually cold, the explorer that is fond of Ma Laya glacier and science inspect personnel to leave in succession. In altitude 5100 meters, having 1200 in flannelette temple of the history, lama A flourishing of 38 years old reads aloud plunge into worrying however.

The flannelette temple cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine that he pulls elegant glacier foot to fall in happy horse 18 years, it is one of Lama with the longest time of cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine. In last few years, he feels change of this area climate is apparent. He organizes valley of expedition member bell to say to the green peace that call in, become very warm in the winter, let was fond of Ma Laya area to appear more diseases, be like cold, pneumonic etc; Before 45 years, these disease are few.

Village of not far from cloister wheat of general of Za Xizong country, has flowed flannelette river becomes some ascertain are errant. Local dweller is in small when, can go to the side of the river casually, because everybody knows the regularity of river water, what is somes water amount is large more seasonal, when water quantitative change is little; And now, the parent often should remind the child, do not go to the side of the river.

Respecting weather, woman of 37 years old second benevolence say, "Compare before together, rain leaves summer less, summer is hot, a little calefacient also in the winter. Previously, summer when water is clearer, water also becomes little now, soil. Previously January, in Feburary, the weather March is particularly good, now, weather variation of a day can have 34 times, this is like was to put cuss like. This is like was to put cuss like..

For coastal to living in flannelette river people, did not have glacier, be equal to did not have irrigating fountainhead. A few dwellers think, of glacier melt, affecting their traditional way of life.

"To long-term and field climber, good climate condition is the main factor that assures safety. Lhasa rainfall is small before, and general in the late evening, and rainfall is big now and much. In the spring that suits mountain-climbing most and autumn, climate did not resemble there is regularity in that way before, good cycle is shorter also. " " old mountain-climbing " Yu Liangpu says.

Had held the position of the Yu Liangpu of secretary-general of Chinese mountain-climbing association, ascend Mount Everest 18 times, the frequency that goes to Qinghai-Tibet Platean is already incomputable. Often taking lover of domestic and international mountain-climbing to come to here, sometimes 449 people, little when also have ten people. Mountaineer every time, what he pays close attention to most is weather variation.

The Yu Liangpu of annual mountain-climbing feels the change of landscape apparently. "A few years ago, in side of Mount Everest north 5600 meters are controlled, look receive a lot of form each different and beautiful serac forest, 5700 meters of ability have now. 5700 meters of ability have now..
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