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Tibetan experience is unusually dry the winter with warmth
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Since entering a winter, as a result of fall relatively halve of the corresponding period of in former years, the day of Lhasa average relative humidity is controlled in 10 % , dry weather makes a person provoking, humidifier sells in Lhasa heat.

What accompany with dry photograph is warm, the girl that Lhasa street appeared to wearing short skirt even. On December 26, highest air temperature reachs Lhasa day 17.7 Celsius, it is the corresponding period of 50 years of antecedents history second high temperature, more highest than the day that appeared in December 1980 air temperature 17.8 Celsius only little 0.1 Celsius.

What the tourist Li Jianggong that comes from Beijing experienced even drier than Beijing weather place to bring is unwell, but also very the winter that enjoys Lhasa warmth and bright sunshine. "Think the winter of snow region highland is unusually cold formerly, did not think of brought a lot of clotheses do not have the use on the clique. " Li Jianggong says.

Delicacy of senior engineer Ma Yan says observatory of the Xizang Autonomous Region, "Precipitation slants on the high side of little, air temperature, climate is dry, how old wind weather " it is the Tibetan area is marked weather climate characteristic since entering a winter this year.

According to the newest statistic of observatory of the Xizang Autonomous Region, came in October in December, on the high side of the corresponding period of air temperature of area of Tibetan greater part 1 Celsius above, ge He of Lhasa, class changes an on the high side 2 Celsius above. On the high side of Tibetan air temperature is apparent October, have 12 weather station day extreme value of the corresponding period of history of breakthrough of highest air temperature. Enter in December the last ten-day of a month, tibetan area is average on the high side of air temperature the corresponding period 3 to 5 Celsius.

In addition, came in October Tibetan precipitation gross divided a place to slant except hill south in December much outside, prosperous ministry of southeast of area of area south, Lin Zhi and that area western normal, other much prefectural town all slants little, among them, lion spring river, pull Zi does not have precipitation basically with calm day.

Persistent dry and amiable lukewarm on the high side, also brought about the atmosphere such as fresh gale and silvan fire to reach derive calamity. On December 27 Tibetan prosperous area kind Wu Qi county produced silvan fire one case; The area austral hill is wrong on December 22 that county appeared disaster caused by a windstorm.

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