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Bureau of atmosphere of the Xizang Autonomous Region is held December 2008 atmos
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On May 28 morning, bureau of atmosphere of the Xizang Autonomous Region was held December 2008 atmosphere press conference. Bureau of delegate area atmosphere released colourful delicacy of long horse of slave station of area atmosphere bureau " Tibet was entered 2008 spring since weather climate feature and trend of climate of flood season weather " , basically introduced to enter spring since day of snow of Tibetan area much overcast and rainy, short when precipitation course is apparent, the climate characteristic with air temperature bigger wave motion, the influence that lives to Tibetan farming and stockbreeding areas and people with respect to weather climate was made brief elaborate, released area atmosphere bureau to Tibet 6, the trend of climate of the weather when flood season was forecasted in September. The news briefing does Zhang Changming deputy director general to chair by municipal news.

Because suffer global climate to become warm to pull Buddhist nun graceful incident to affect, climate of Tibetan area weather is relatively unusual this year, the monsoon of major area slants apparently early, slant than normal time early 20, 30 days. Fall of day of Lhasa of the middle ten days of a month, Shen Za, Luo Longsan station broke through peak value of historical the corresponding period in May. End on May 25, lhasa, that music, Jia Li, prosperous, add check, Mi Lin and other places appears continuously overcast and rainy (snow) day number amounts to many days 20. It is normal that major area air temperature still preserves whole area trend of summary on the high side.

Meanwhile, precipitation is abundant to Tibet production of area farming animal husbandry is more advantageous on the whole, the precipitation since March slants on the high side of much, air temperature, make farming area and the edaphic soil moisture content of a pasturing area Tibetan north mix much hydro-thermal condition is better, be helpful for turn green of crop of grazing, winter spring and spring sowing. In the meantime, virgin forest forest next vegetation are wetter, reduced rank of silvan fire insurance, reduced silvan fire to happen.

According to center of climate of Tibetan atmosphere bureau short-term climate forecasts: Whole area of flood season Tibet does not have the drought damage caused by waterlogging of big range, great strength to kill this year. Prosperous is divided during flood season area air temperature is normal outside bureau ground, major area air temperature still preserves whole area it is normal to be in the trend to on the high side.

Specific prediction is as follows:

In June fall: That area, southern brim area slants slightly much; Area of the eastpart part is normal, partial ground general plan slants much; The area in A and edge river a gleam of slant slightly normally little. Average air temperature: Area of the eastpart part is normal slightly low, other area summary on the high side.

7, in August fall: Edge river a gleam of and prosperous the area slants slightly much, other area slants slightly normally little. Average air temperature: Prosperous the area is normal, on the low side of partial ground general plan, other area on the high side.
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