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Arduous gorge scene
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Much loftier mountain system is in Tibetan highland " imprint a motion " begin to form, carry substantially in be fond of Malaya to move litre, tectonic campaign is very intense, at the same time Zhu He flows trace to the source erode and below sharp cut, brought up the gorge of a lot of male arduous show. The river of the ala austral the the Himalayas is very older than falling, next cutting form successive gorge strongly, very grand. In Tibet the famousest gorge has big gorge of 3 rivers gorge and cloth of elegant Lu Cang. 3 rivers gorge is located in Tibet, Yunnan and Sichuan province (area) of the boundary traverse and a mountainous area. River of the angry river between the high mountain, billows dark blue, Jin Shajiang, gallop blusterous, sound hears several lis, race dangerous shoal, row upon row of, its are arduous Yuan Sheng crosses the Yangtse River 3 gorge.
Big gorge of cloth of elegant Lu Cang is located in cloth of elegant Lu Cang downstream big turning. Cloth of elegant Lu Cang begins to enter big gorge from school district, its the Jialabai of two side base peak and Na Jia Ba Wafeng, topping confront each other, gorge is deep and serene, wadi outflank, cereal background race wraps narrow to write billow megalith, billow platoon is empty, billows sound rumble, imposing manner pound, the person comes meantime, thoughts or recollections flashing across one's mind is elegant. Gorge grows 494.3 kilometers, the narrowest place only 35 meters, most in it is 5382 meters, it is to go up really Bao Yuntian, abyss is below, so-called world is the greatest the our country tiger of gorge jumps gorge (deepness 3000 meters) , American division Luo La is how old gorge (deepness 1830 meters) , Peruvian Keerka is big gorge (3200 meters) andNepalesebig gorge of case of heart of root of benefit of noise made in coughing or vomiting (4403 meters) be equal photograph of big gorge of cloth of elegant Lu Cang is compared greatly inferior. Add here the resource of the content that use plant of the landforms of 100 condition, geological landscape, rich and colorful reachs 1000 appearance belt of gallant and all ready natural and perpendicular cent, no matter be lofty and arduous, gallant and peculiar, deep and serene surprising still is length fully unapproachable, already became the world to go up the the deepest, longest, sea dials highest big gorge. It is one of complete mankind's common natural culture heritage.

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