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Earthy forest landscape
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Peculiar earthy forest landscape basically distributings to the foot of a hill or mountain and hide at the Himalayas north the 3rd discipline breaks evening on the west in the Pliocene layer of defect basin, among them the gorge two sides that Lang Qin hides cloth catchment to letter the government office that amount to a county is in is most typical, scale is the largest, most grand. In be as long as the gorge two sides of 100 much kilometers and in raising channel, arrange write on 1000 grotesque mountain peak. It is Pliocene of the 3rd discipline lake photograph layer gives priority to through long-term river, rainwater outside battalion force is modelled and become. Stand still when you altitude, look as far as one can is looked at, uneven countless earth forest, its appearance some resembles the ancient castle of dignified dignified, some resembles chiliad ancient tower, ancient city wall, some resembling is tremendous statuary, some resembling that turn up one's nose at an excellent work that the day column of canopy ases if is some sculpture Great Master, delicate and straightforward, richly in clumsy bold. Bizarre and colorful landform, make the person ases if those who rush into mysterious Mo Ce is labyrinthian in, have taller view and admire value.

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