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Brahmaputra big gorge

Brahmaputra big gorge is located in a Brahmaputra near the Na Jia Ba Wafeng of downstream big turning, be as long as 496.3 kilometers, most in achieve 5382 meters, average cut deepness amounts to core reach 5000 meters or so. Its length exceeds Ceng Hao to weigh the world most the United States overcomes Luo La much gorge (grow 440 kilometers) , deepness exceeded Ceng Hao to weigh the world most much gorge of Peruvian division Er (deep 3200 meters or so) .

Handkerchief grand hides cloth gorge

The handkerchief grand of churchyard of county of Lin Zhi of Tibetan the eastpart part hides cloth, main by affluent of two 2 class confluent and into, big gorge of cloth of elegant Lu Cang of world the biggest gorge is flowed into between the village in the door and Za Quhe finally. Handkerchief grand hides cloth gorge to be fountainhead to calculate with exit of easy tribute lake, handkerchief grand hides cloth big gorge to grow 50 kilometers, if jam with archaic glacier mud-rock flow,lake exit calculates case, handkerchief grand hides cloth big gorge to 76 kilometers grow. Most in amount to 4001 meters, the lowest point also amounts to 3271 meters, with respect to deepness character, cloth of handkerchief grand Tibet can be discharged at least be located inNepaleseThe case of heart of root of benefit of noise made in coughing or vomiting of regnal churchyard is big gorge (deeply 4403 meters) later and rank the world the 3rd.

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