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The lunt passageway with baronial dimensions
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The Himalayas arteries and veins of the predestined relationship austral Tibetan highland is traced to the source to erode by a lot of rivers or cut wear form a lot of size wadi, these river valley are the lunt passageway that warms wet air current leads to highland, among them valley of cloth of elegant Lu Cang is Qinghai-Tibet Platean all around the biggest channel that carries lunt to downy inland. The edge of warm wet air current that comes by Bengal bay writes cloth to pull equestrian pood to pull a river, in order to be close to 2000 grams / centimeter T of maple Qu gargle carries the river that measure go against the river and go up, next again along cloth of elegant Lu Cang on north of river of downstream go against the river, arrived after big gorge is topmost, hide cloth north along easy tribute for the most part, grand of handkerchief of another part edge hides cloth to be carried eastwards, the others is carried along the You Xiangxi in cloth of elegant Lu Cang, had the lunt channel with this one infrequent dimensions, brought up cloth of elegant Lu Cang of the precipitation on downstream world most, intertropical climate is northerly elapse 5 abb are apart from, chinese ink is taken off become the world to go up area of distributinging northernmost tropics, be called " country of downy tropics green water " . Lunt passageway still fed to hide center of glacier of southeast monsoon lukewarm sex, big gorge area is natural at the same time perpendicular belt a fair amount of confidence is the most complete, and difference of north and south is very little, in addition still promoted communication of biologic of Qinghai-Tibet Platean north and south, sheltered species of a few old live thing, if be known as " activation stone " Luo of Suo of alga liver mosses, wood, 100 fines, Shui Qingshu.

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