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Put landscape of corrode, landforms glacial a predestined relationship on the ic
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Tibetan highland is the area of rich and colorful of type of landscape of corrode of the ice on the world, landforms glacial a predestined relationship. In basically distributinging to erode valley in the Gu Bingchuan that is brought up under contemporary glacier extreme, opposite sea dials the position inferior, near biosphere and human activity area more. Landscape of common glacial corrode, landforms glacial a predestined relationship has:
Horny peak is the relatively common glacier landforms in big mountain range of Tibetan highland high mountain, among them the most typical Ba Wafeng of Mount Everest, Na Jia waits, if Na Jia Ba Wafeng is located in Indian board piece to Ou Ya board piece the northeast horn of dive, suffer extruding for a long time. Form the drape mountain system of a series of different way, be differred by a few groups again at the same time on drape foundation of direction rupture surround cut, form a peak body. Bear again ice and snow gives priority to outside battalion force is modelled, become Yu Xima of lofty stand erect to draw the triangular peak put oneself in another's position over elegant Shandong Duan Qunfeng eventually.
Ovine back stone is common Gu Bingchuan erodes one of landforms landscape. It is to pass a kind after ancient glacier action protuberant base cliff configuration, because its configuration Wan Reshun lies in glacier cereal " sheep " and get a name. Back stone dimensions has the sheep greatly small, like that the ovine back stone in black fault is as long as more than 1000 meters, bank of north of upper reaches of easy tribute lake faithful the ovine back stone near this village grows several meters only.
Lake glacial corrode is Tibetan highland landscape of more landforms glacial corrode. It is Gu Bingchuan band of softer to cliff sex in motion or broken rock digs corrode and into a kind negative landform erodes landforms. Typical glacial corrode is laky Ba Songhu, that wood pulls wrong, Long Labing corrode lake. That wood pulls a fault to be located in Na Jia Ba Wafeng on the west side, the area makes an appointment with 1000 square metre, show lozenge. Summer lake water ripples, swim fish but, lake bank Song Qingsha is emerald green, azalea is like fire, glacier of fountainhead snow peak, the Bai Yun that writes leisurely waves in blue sky;
Moraine is upland, say glacier radical moraine is upland again. Handkerchief grand must hide wave of cloth upper reaches must hide cloth valley is configuration is the most typical till our country is current, construction is the most complete, dimensions is grand, the moraine with maximum amount is upland, it is our country landscape of more infrequent ancient glacier landforms is vestigial.

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