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Big gorge of cloth of elegant Lu Cang is become expeditionary, inspect new heat
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Along with write China to the scientist discovers and prove big gorge of cloth of elegant Lu Cang to be world the biggest gorge and Chinese government to name formally to its, scientist, explorer and tourist already were become at present here the expeditionary, heat that make an on-the-spot investigation.
Carry out the mankind in recent years first pedestrian pass through the Chinese science of big gorge of cloth of elegant Lu Cang is expeditionary the expedition is dimensions of big gorge throughout history the biggest, researcher most all ready, participate in a reporter most, also be a scientific and expeditionary expedition that Chinese government approves formally five. Since this expedition arrives at big gorge entrance to be in county of Tibetan Mi Lin to send countryside oneself, already spread out each to inspect an activity in the round. The expedition is carried out from 3 direction pass through make an on-the-spot investigation, already obtained a series of positive result.
With Chinese science expeditionary expedition the corresponding period arrives, team of float of a Brahmaputra between the countryman in still having and Spain an expedition. As we have learned, spain 3 people expedition is to be an organization more large-scale research the warfare before the activity is hit. Before this, the group of big gorge tourism that Guangdong saved travel department to already organized a more than 40 people heads for here. As dinkum travel, sightseeing, this or the first travel are round. As we have learned, not long ago of expedition of an United States also makes an on-the-spot investigation, but because dispatch troops not nimble meets defeat, had returned Lhasa at present. The scene with big beautiful gorge, the rich of mysterious Mo Ce, geological landforms, attract not only write scientific explorer, also move write Chinese ordinary common people. Follow when the reporter a contingent finishs Chinese scientific expedition smoothly when each anticipate the task returns Men Zhongcun, a farmer that comes from Henan is waiting to follow a line with our assemble here. This farmer that is called Li Tian to carry says, after the circumstance that is informed an expedition from news very yearning. He says: "The time of the farmer became good, also need to have a variety of pursuit. " Yang Yi of Chinese resource scientist farmlands say, the first height of afterwards world Zhumulang Ma peak full after a century becomes the heat of lover of mountain-climbing, expeditionary, travel, the big gorge area of Tibetan southeast foot becomes the new paradise of brave again.

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