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The most beautiful glacier big country
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The mystery of snow mountain glacier and strong ascend desire, make countless people cast Xiang Xueshan's bosom. Although the mortality of Ma of ascend bead Mu Lang is as high as 1/6, every year still a lot of people cost a large number of money and time to come to the first height of this world. Photography / Gralen Rowell/C Glacier is with Xue Feng rely on, and with its are tremendous and glittering and translucent ice body, form a kind of gallant and magical landscape. Tibet is our country glacier distributings most centralized area, glacier area amounts to 27676 square kilometer, occupy countrywide glacier area nearly 1/2. Approach when us when these snow hide the demon of remote mountains, your meeting exclaim, your meeting be charmed, and world ridge of a house can open a treasure of an Alibaba for us again.

On plain Tibet line, on the folds bequeath of mountainous Gu Bingchuan moraine ridge that stands outside Kang Dingcheng, the glacier of institute of frozen earth of glacier of Lanzhou of Chinese Academy of Sciences learns a Zheng Benxing to tell me, they are being written " Chinese glacier catalog " , my blurt out says to him: "To me mail comes to. "To me mail comes to..

After many days 20, when returning Beijing, the colleague tells me: "The glacier list that you want is mailed from Lanzhou. " when I see this covers a book, feel quite open-eyed: Of the amount because of it, the was head and shoulders above me again imagination of the big, weight of bulk, my person divides second ability to remove this book an office. " Chinese glacier catalog " for big 16 version, divide 11, every are divided again a certain number of book, only distributinging catalog has the glacier of water system of Qinghai-Tibet Platean inland 5, and these books each with a large bag, replete map.

I want this to cover a book, it is the name that wants to search a few glacier, it is to want to know glacier additionally all round the name of those snow mountain. In Tibet we go one day Ma Feng of Xi Xiabang of seek by inquiry, I turn round on the road, see group of Oriental hill go up, the peak is in a snow there is the ray like diamond below the setting sun, on a neck that leaf hangs a Yu Lian that glacier is like whiteness in snow mountain. I draw out a pen, want to write down next right now feeling, what regret however is, I do not know among them the name of a Xue Feng and any glacier. Right now, I am how to want to have a reference book, tell me these to the name of snow mountain, glacier, position, height, length is waited a moment.

I turn over catalog of a glacier, search me to remember a the deepest glacier. Remember my Ceng Li approaching via the innumerable trials and hardships this gallant glacier, be shaken agape by the beauty that that puts tower forest on the ice, I am even in the dream also the dream arrives Na Bingchuan, however in its book in Na Houhou, took a word only actually, and its name, it is code of a number merely.
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