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Come lake of the moraine below Gu Bingchuan appeared a tremendous iceberg
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Arrive from 8 constellation like that Wu Hu's road is first-rate, letting us suspect almost is drive in Tibet. In like that we saw black channel put awl on the ice tremendously across river, ceng Shichuan hides a danger sopt of the line here, buried the car of a lot of associate with and pedestrian to the ice and snow that come down from hill. Nowadays, the armed police built road army to be repaired in gorge be as long as the cement a covered corridor or walk of several kilometers, also need not pass this place to close nearly like gingerly in that way before ground again.

As a result of melt of summertime ice and snow, like that black lake water rises, we are impossible ancient glacier of the come-and-go before edge lake, be forced to be in of guide guide fall to circle the past from hill. Like that black lake area 22 square kilometer, altitude 3850 meters, of upper reaches come Gu Bingchuan is called one of 3 big glacier of world, it is the fountainhead of cloth of handkerchief grand Tibet, lakefront is dense virgin forest, still have a lot of primitive Tibetian village.

When inspecting lira of big sweet case last year in April, name of our Ceng Mu will come over Gu Bingchuan, did not leave very deep impression at that time, just feel lake of those two moraine is very interesting, on hill certain angle looks, these two lake pole resemble the mark of Intel, two color piece that exclusive distinction is Intel are blue and red, and moraine lake is blue and white. The formation of moraine lake is the result that climate changes, be apart from today the Quaternary Period 2 million years ago, the glacier nip in hillside and channel cereal is worn gravel, abide wears next the valley is slow moving, strongly defeat grinds the move that achieve corrode to put a bed on the ice, formed a variety of landform glacial corrode. Climate turns after warming, glacier shrinks back gradually, formed moraine lake.

Stand when moraine lakefront today when us, landscape and the change with very bigger than happening last year look. La Hu disappeared, because summertime glacier melt is intense, lake water already became ivory, and come lake of that moraine below Gu Bingchuan appeared a tremendous iceberg, be as high as more than meters 20, glittering and translucent ice tongue is outspread in the lake, as if be like antarctic glacier, scene is beautiful, this is a kind of very infrequent landscape in Chinese glacier. We walk along the extreme of incoming ancient glacier eventually, view the past from here, very grand, because it is,become by assemble of a few big glacier, can see apparent end on glacier so, look far, resemble a few tremendous "3" words.

Come there is place of business of a hamlet by Gu Bingchuan, have 300 much people about. Village all around snow mountain alarm stands erect, when song mountain, Xia Nafeng, cloth the Wang La, barrier that amount to jade piles 4 peaks to surround, every snow mountain all pushs next giant fan glacier, barrier lake is formed in glacier forward position. Come Gu Cun scatters between glacier and snow mountain and, flocks and herds goes out door, gallinaceous dog each other cries, rural crisscross footpaths between fields, tope mulberry smoke, one clique is gotten the better of condition.
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