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Tibet is the most beautiful: Ba Dongbao Tibetan cloth cloth group
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Cloth is Ba Dongbao Tibetan cloth actually two chute group, top is apart from to make an appointment with 20 kilometers riverbed to go up below Xi Xingla hill, situation is: North latitude 46 ′ of 29 ° , the east longitude 10 ′ of 95 ° , altitude 2140 meters; In apart on 600 meters riverbed, two point fall appears here, respectively 35 meters tall (chute group 2) mix 33 meters (chute group one) , former wide only 35 meters, for the biggest riverbed fall in big gorge of cloth of elegant Lu Cang.

Ba Dongbao Tibetan cloth cloth group how to form?

The formation of chute, especially the formation of chute of big gorge riverbed, should be force of battalion of inside and outside the expression of the landforms of riverbed of sex of a kind of phase that landform difference place brings about to show fluvial water effect below interaction. The action that its form factor should be omnibus, complex. In analysing its to form factor of course, can have main or part less importantly, also can saying is to be below the multi-stress action of a series of specific requirements, in a kind of on sometime phase inevitable expression. Chute of big gorge riverbed, fall in such stone's throw, Gao Po namely, below the situation that flood measures, the geological construction with due option of action of water water motivation behaves a form one kind when place energy releases necessarily, also be fluvial development traces to the source erode in show level period of time inside, in specific landform place one kind behaves a form necessarily.

Of course, chute group forming is each are not identical, want to carry very detailed work, analyse specificly. If Xi Xingla hides cloth to collect the entrance to handkerchief grand on the riverbed of 20 more than kilometer:

(The wadi inside 1) stone's throw makes the urgent bend transition of S form or square, big main body fall and the chute that center relatively group the curved ministry of the curved ministry that appears the most easily in pursue a new course of riverbed S shape above all and square turn form of this cultivate land is abrupt the position that turn change, stress amasses action relatively easily, be like the biggest (fall) fall of date of Ⅰ of Ba Dong Tibetan cloth, Ⅱ mark appears in place of pursue a new course of riverbed S shape.

(The gorge inside 2) stone's throw base configuration of cliff riverbed deep chamfer produces bundle of turn position that puts change, appear big fall. If cloth with soft nap ties fall,arrive to receive narrow riverbed suddenly to decline from relatively wide riverbed namely go down to enter deeper more of narrow base of cliff river chamfer. In the meantime, there is deep pool surely below any gigantic waterfall, it can change the character of the configuration of riverbed valley and current action necessarily, this also is the one differentia different that supplement each other, should saying also is the formation that participated in chute landform of the process. Like Ba Dongbao Tibetan cloth cloth declines the waterfall chamfer that goes down to form a big triangle, quickness of waterfall water amid is whirly roll, form pool of 13 horn form, show the current with milk ivory shape to decline again go down.
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