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Area of flannelette glacier melt is expanding further
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The weather of Mount Everest is Protean, especially now is monsoon, met at 2 o'clock afternoon everyday storm, accordingly I must ten million is careful, ability assures the safety of whole team.

On the way we discover, area of flannelette glacier melt is expanding further, melt increases, glacier shrinks back quickly formed many moraine lake, and the trend that moraine lake forms is expanding in upstream. According to Introduction Shen Yongping, in recent years, the whole world is calefacient making Tibet a lot of downy moraine lakes are rapid " outspread " , often burst phenomenon happens, to downy moraine lake downstream dweller life brings potential risk. According to statistic, from 20 centuries 30 time metaphase arrives 20 centuries 90 time medium-term between 60 one's remaining years, tibetan churchyard shares 13 moraine lake to had produced burst 15 times, formed the flood with vast scope and mud-rock flow calamity.

The period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. is divided in, we arrived to often decide day from Mount Everest. We decide to abandon going in A the Gangrenboqi of the area. Because journey is distant,be, road hardships and dangers, more important is, we had inspected marine sex glacier and mainland sex glacier now, increase a Gangrenboqi value is not great, go in A the form is more than a meaning, and we go camphorwood and Xixiabangma can inspect lunt passageway, how does the lunt that reads the indian ocean enter happy horse to pull elegant hinterland.

This is an audacious change, but we paid heavy price for this.

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