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The knock that overflow a word grows a head
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The knock that overflow a word grows a head

Knock grows a head, it is the area that teachs be current in Cang Chuanfo, believer and follower of a religion people a kind of religious ceremony that do obeisance to Buddha.

On the highway that leads to Lhasa in each district, people sees believer often people from distant birthplace beginning, hand admire is protected, genu is worn kneecap, predecessor hangs one flix clothings, face of dirt grey Fu, along road, not dread 1000 difficult 10 thousand suffering, 3 paces one knock, or accumulate a month, or for many years and to Lhasa face Buddha, the people of acquaintance 35 into the team, in common belief control below, walk piously and go. Ages ago past, the believer both hands of face Buddha is empty, clothes food is unprepared, along the road cadges. Current and general is to one believer manages only clothes food, the back and belly that is in charge of knock to grow head believer lives wait for field rear services, offer for the companion convenient, and this person must not change other knock grows a head. And knock dolichocephalic believer is meticulous, do not want to use lazy method not to ease strain absolutely, encounter have crisscross 4 or because reason suspends kowtow, underline or accumulate Shi Weizhi, with respect to such one hundred percent, arrowy annals not change, rely on strong belief, step by step Lhasa of incline to the Holy City.

At advancing in knock grows a head, believer people follow such order: Take posture of stand at attention above all, the mumble in the mouth, it is Song more 6 words true word, read " adj/LIT wide Mi " , it is Indian buddhism close ancestor " true gem " (be like Handefo of Chang Song of follower of a religion " south without Amitayus " , the Buddhist term of embarrassed solution) , attend 6 words true talk at the same time, at the same time both hands put the palms together, had held high first, go next one pace; Both hands continues put the palms together, move to before, go again one pace; Both hands put the palms together moves to the bosom before, when stepping the 3rd pace, both hands removeds before the bosom oneself, with ground parallel predecessor, the centre of the palm is gadarene Fu ground, knee first touchdown, hind systemic Fu ground, forehead chuck ground. Stand again, begin afresh answer before, in this process, the sound that mouth and hand read aloud with Song of 6 words true word is continuous.

Still one kind grows a head for place knock, in Yu Diantang or periphery. Follower of a religion people with believer people one felt or carpet are spread before the body, place is ceaseless knock grows a head, just be no good pace, beyond person as long as the knock in advancing head is same, or fulfiling one's promise, or invocatory bless, bless because differ,avoid disaster psychological apiration, and still like entering an place without anyone; Follower of a religion people think to be in cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine, a person wants knock 10 thousand times at least. The barefoot when kowtow, such ability express devotional.
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