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Honorific and appellation
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Honorific and appellation

Special attention uses Tibetian honorific, person of Lhasa of this kind of ethos is more exquisite. Be in Lhasa whole even Tibet, every word has 3 kinds to talk a way, it is mandarin, it is honorific, it is most honorific. No matter noun, verb, adjective is such. The person with same position uses honorific each other, lowly person's tall to the position person also uses honorific, use to the person of positional great disparity most honorific. Won't the person of honorific is thought to lack train, and honorific uses a fault, can make a joke. Tibetian person takes appellation seriously very much, appellation is not accurate, often be thought not to know courtesy. A " is added to pull " word at the back of name of the other side, express to respect. Call case mulberry " case Sang La " for example, plunge into plunge into for " on the west " is pulled on the west; The teacher calls " case to pull " , chef calls " Ma blueness to pull " to wait a moment.

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