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Kowtow and bow
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Kowtow and bow


Kowtow also is the courtesy with common Tibet, it is the kowtow when figure of Buddha of go on a pilgrimage, tope and Living Buddha commonly, also have pair of better kowtow. Kowtow can be divided grow head, knock weak point and knock noisy head for knock 3 kinds.

The two tactics when knock grows a head adds up to a palm to had lifted a head, support oneself, to the forehead, to the bosom, arch is bowed with hands clasped to 3 times, again Pu bend over is in the ground, both hands is extended continuously, make the same score ground, next, recrudesce establishs the place before be like to do.

Knock still has method of a kind of kowtow when noise head, add up to palm Lian Gongsan to bow with hands clasped to first, next arch waist falls to foot of figure of Buddha, with the head gently.


To elder or the person that get respect, should take off one's hat, bow 45 degrees, the cap is taken low on the hand put close land. To average person or of the same generation, bow to express courtesy only, the cap is put before the bosom, first slightly low.

Also close sometimes palm and bow and use, add up to a palm to want correct to venerator, bow nod, recompense act is same also.

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