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Tibetian meets ceremony
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Tibetian meets ceremony

Tibetian is very exquisite and formal, see better, of the same generation has different bow to send ceremony kind in daily life. See the person of better or respect, want take off one's hat, bow 45 degrees, the cap is taken go up in the hand, adjacent at the ground. See of the same generation, head in a way is low can, the cap can be taken before the bosom, at this moment bow to express a kind of courtesy only. Be in some areas, close palm and bow to be used at the same time. Add up to a palm to want to overdo, express to respect. This kind of means that send a gift is multi-purpose at seeing the person of better or respect.

Displaying hada is Tibetian entertains a guest a norms is highest kind formal, show warm to the guest reception and cordial respect. Hada is Tibetan language, namely gauze kerchief or silken towel. Give priority to with white, also have shallow blue or flaxen, grow about 1.5 meters to reach 2 meters commonly, about 20 centimeters wide. Best is blue, yellow, white, green, red multicoloured hada. Multicoloured hada is used at highest the grandest ceremony is like Buddhist ceremony to wait.

Figure of Buddha of go on a pilgrimage of kowtow Tibetian person, tope, Living Buddha and pay homage to better, want kowtow. Knock grows a head, it is commonly undertake in the cloister that has religious activity. Two tactics adds up to a palm to had held high first, support oneself, from the forehead, bow with hands clasped to 3 times to pectoral arch, next Pu bend over is in the ground, unbend both hands is date delimitingly, undertake repeatedly so. Knock short head, also undertake in cloister. Add up to a palm to connect cup one hand in the other before the chest 3 times, next arch waist falls to foot of figure of Buddha, with the head gently, express sincere confess. Pay homage to better, want knock short head, express to respect a blessing.

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