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The day wishs Tibetian white adores
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The day wishs Tibetian white adores
Pick from " dusty God "

In Wu Wei the black scabbard mountain of churchyard falls, have beach of Leng Longling, Dong Zhisong hill rises on the west, the llano of group of aquatic lush, flocks and herds, this is famous Tian Zhucao former, namely the administer ground that the day wishs Tibetian autonomous county.

The day wishs Tibetian people likes white most, habit of this and their surroundings, custom is having close relationship.

The day wishs a prairie all around surround for snow mountain, a silvery white, the Yang Qun on the ground why yak, and the drunk ovine milk, fur-lined jacket that wear, terai that wear, also be white. So Tibetan division people inspects white to be ideal, lucky, victory, prosperous indicative.

About white, still have a fabulous story. According to legend is in a long time ago, a tribe here, be surrounded heavily by adversary in fighting. Head of adversary deadline tribe is gotten must surrender in before day, be about to kill completely tribal person light otherwise. Showed the whitish color of a fish's belly-grey dawn eastward soon, the day was about to shine. this pinch, abrupt from a covey is killed to ride Bai Ma behind adversary, wear the cap of Bai Yi, Dai Bai, forces that holds Yin Jian, kill so that adversary loses armet to abandon armour, everywhere become separated in flight. Tribal head is gotten look, so this gang forces is the good athlete of male and female that before two days of his cliques go out to hunt. So they are to stand by adversary and be not discovered by adversary ability used the white like snow mountain. From now on this tribe has heroic ability to wear Baiyi to ride Bai Ma only, and the color that white also became this tribe to adore most, and the descendant that present day wishs to Tibetian is this tribe allegedly.

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