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Pull Bo Lengcang gift of a group of things with common features gift is consuetu
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Pull Bo Lengcang gift of a group of things with common features gift is consuetudinary

Life gift gift is to show the person's lifetime is medium, the special ceremony that holds in different life and age level place and inherent ceremony, its content includes to be born gift gift, grown gift gift, marry gift gift and mortuary gift gift. As a result of the confine of length, the article pulls Gansu Province those who predict arris place Tibetian to be born only gift gift and mortuary gift gift make one introduction.

Of life germinant- - be born gift gift

Be born gift gift is the germinant ceremony in life, important place is had in life Zhu Yili. From of old, the life area of Tibetian and natural condition are very abominable, be in especially distant ancient time, human mortality is gotten high breathtaking, to find pair of real filling difference, produced woman pregnancy, lactation and children to become then long-term a series of consuetudinary. The baby is born this ground custom, there are a lot of contraindications during the woman is pregnant: Do not eat the food that close friends brings from far, especially of carnivorous and so on; Do not meet with the guest that come from afar directly; The family be a guest that does not go differring with oneself consecrate penates, more abstinence this food; Abstain from the activity that attends any everybody gather; In the evening kin or family (especially wine is latter) when taking the home, before the gate the point lights one caboodle firewood, with sootiness rear can enter room (after the baby is born, this one contraindication appears particularly important) . Pregnant woman should insist to turn everyday classics annulus. In producing work, do not have to pregnant woman special take care of, somebody still is depasturing before about to give birth, milk, dozen ghee, dry farm work or handle chore...

When about to give birth, be born in safety for invocatory baby, family should be in Sang Lu mulberry of cook over a slow fire, the infantile criterion prayer in mutteringly 6 words true word is born in sound. After the child is born, before getting any food and drink, want to put one flake ghee in the mouth above all. If gave birth to the boy, family carries mulberry of cook over a slow fire on the head to the high mountain even, blow conch, tell deity to be in this family, a little life advent the world, invocatory deities is blessed; If gave birth to the girl, these ceremonies are held no longer, this one distinction reflected the social phenomenon of imparity of past men and women. After the baby is born, want to insert one cypress branch on the gate, fire of cow dung of on one gather still is lighted outside the door, meaning show " avoid door " , 7 days in must not others is entered.

After this, the close friends that hear the news already come round in succession " visit a month " Zhu Xi, what taking a gift is commonly " the storehouse is pulled " , namely that flesh all round ovine end. When letting a baby eat the meat symbolisticly for the first time, the men and women has not, the boy eats yak meat, meaning show brave and strong; The girl eats chicken, meaning show agile diligent. If take a baby to give an entrance door, should besmear on child forehead one macula, have the effect that press down unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease. After full moon, if the baby is healthy, "Avoid door " the mark is desirable dropped. Lama gives a name in Gan Na, people is very religious to buddhism, the baby that down to just is born also wants accept Buddha above all bestow. The 7th day when the baby is born, father is about to take the gift such as the hada of a yellow, go fane looks for Living Buddha to name a word to the baby. Augur undertakes after the concerned circumstance that Living Buddha been askinging to its belong to photograph, birthday, sexual distinction and its parents. After father is informed takes name, want to keep secret strictly, cannot let others know, even if oneself person also is no good. Until the following day in the morning, father cries 3 times repeatedly gently beside infantile ear, family just now witting. The color of the first dress also wants the baby by Living Buddha augur hind is decided, commonly yellow Gong La spends 4 kinds, among them yellow, revolutionary idea is shown also want An Hong power of Buddha, general spend all living creatures in the future, perhaps be Living Buddha or monk; Meaning of blue, design and color is shown for laic. Press local traditional custom, the baby is born in a month, parents goes Living Buddha place even augur- - is the child will come monk or be laic? When cutting hair ceremony baby to grow one one full year of life, should hold cut hair ceremony, local chooses the first month of the lunar year of lunar calendar used by the Zang nationality commonly first 3 that day. This is a festival grand ceremony, close friends attend actively even on invitation. People carries a gift to congratulate child long life restful, domestic go-between also should feast with delicate food guest. The child's foetal hair is cut by the grandfather (father is replaceable also) , cut the foetal hair group below to become a circle, wear with needlework seam make its do not fall off, seam again in child dress hind on the back, deserve to take such as even " Yong Zhong " (ㄞ , lucky always originally) , " much outstanding " (King Kong) wait for amulet. After cutting hair ceremony to end, people drinks in the home joyous song, with beautiful singing invocatory child is long-lived 100 years old, if wish,wish long life trip is medium after he is in lucky. Cut after hair, to the boy, ended his childhood period from now on it seems that; And to the girl character, her adult mark is 17 years old go up hair is formal, evermore, she is OK and independent life, free love, parents interferes his to live rarely.
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