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Smoke of mulberry of sacred deities word
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Mulberry of cook over a slow fire is a kind of religion with Tibetan the most general a group of things with common features invocatory etiquette and custom, it is one of forms with religious indispensable place, light a Sang Yan to have the feeling with cozy faint scent.
In the snow region highland that having long history, the Tibetan nation that is having massiness culture to accumulate and Tibet pass buddhism, lighting Sang Zhiju have background of the thought base that its produce, society, also accompanying good fokelore.

King of case Sa Er and lunar calendar used by the Zang nationality in May mulberry of 15 cook over a slow fire
The king of case Sa Er in fokelore is in fall demon destroys bewitching, curb supports weak war by force indifferent left illustrious meritorious military service. A day of Gesaer calls together subject of the picked officers and soldiers that removed him, manager, sing to everybody:

Who does unmanned deities bless, all things that do not have a god all goes against the cloud. If both be in in all when,
The heart thinks the thing is become big auspicious. May 15 time auspicious, subject asks mountain state fine listen,
Go up the peak of Ma Jia mountain peak, cook over a slow fire is rare Bai Sang's leaf, deities of all directions of hold a memorial ceremony for protects a law.

Gesaer thinks, if not god of hold a memorial ceremony for of mulberry of cook over a slow fire, the god protecting a law of mountain country cannot aid his prostrate demon, because this decides hold a memorial ceremony for of mulberry of 15 cook over a slow fire is magical in May. Country of intrude into mountain comes before bison of one's very life of role of demon nation red steel at this moment, respect hold a memorial ceremony for with mulberry smoke because of Gesaer all gods, deities likes Er of reason case Sa to be gotten the better of greatly. From this, gesaer began him to protect the home to defend a country from inside Sangyan, fall what bewitching takes evil spirit is great grand course of study.

For all the rich and the poor seeks Ni Zanpu to light mulberry try a look
Fabulous, 8 centuries Tibetan regime in ancient China seeks the Christian era when Ni Zanpu accession, very sentimental to phenomenon of social difference between the rich and the poor. Go up too for everybody equal life, he ever gave orders 3 times all the rich and the poor, but cannot change from beginning to end. Once, he asks one monk: Do this plant “ does the phenomenon have settlement idea? ” monk says: The assist general that “ respects, go up consecrate Budda, next alms giving all living creatures! ” seeks Ni Zanpu to be respected to fane displayed " 4 A recite scriptures " , " law skill " , " all is abandoned theory " 3 sutra, respect to figure of Buddha presented a lot of offerings, with mulberry is sacred deities Budda, at the same time to alms giving of numerous common people. From now on mulberry Ye temple had for the tradition of mulberry, pass to the fane of whole Tibet area and folk gradually after.
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