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Tibetan folk demit is old the tradition that see the New Year in is consuetudina
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Tibetan folk demit is old the tradition that see the New Year in is consuetudinary

In Tibet various section noons, those who be taken seriously extensively by masses is New Year of lunar calendar used by the Zang nationality. Understanding Tibet folk greets the relevant and traditional folk-custom of New Year, the special feeling that can see people be had to crossing year of place and heavy visual range are spent. When be being reaped like the farmer the head second cut the highland barley below to stay when regarding spend joyfully as New Year, give the consecrate of deities; The butter that the head path grandma of the cow that herdsman keeps to be delivered of a calf every time makes gives as New Year the offerings of Bodhisattva. Male people is hit begin to make the preparation that receives New Year, whitewash every building whiteness, beautifully, every time this moment relatives and friends
Neighbour people the blessing comes before always taking beautiful wine, women choose the weather of He Rili of a wind, oneself with one's own hands the woolen fabric made in Xizan of spin takes river side catharsis, neighbour of relatives and friends people also should hold in both hands on tea wine, bless New Year of this master lunar calendar used by the Zang nationality to will put on new clothes... . The size folk-custom activity that holds such to receive New Year is very various, cannot explain one by one here. Annual fat month 29 be those who greet New Year is the last also be a the most lively activity.

Tibetan folk tradition is consuetudinary, annual lunar calendar used by the Zang nationality should hold drive on December 29 " ghost " ceremony. (Day noise made in coughing or vomiting criterionThe area is lunar calendar used by the Zang nationality on November 29, lin Zhi area is lunar calendar used by the Zang nationality on September 30 drive ghost. ) include to send religious fane to want to be held in same day each. Press old tradition folk is common it is to eat dinner hind to hold this one ceremony, people calls it " solid " meaning for 29 drive ghost. It results from the civilian religion that primitive totem adores. In broad Tibetian there is confirmed effect in people. Already entered the age of high-tech in contemporary society, this kind of tradition is consuetudinary although already was in,simplify, but its main content is returned still consist in folk. Each religion sends this kind of ceremony that does not hold, although they are draw lessons from folk from formally " solid " but its content is an organic whole with the religious thought union of respective denomination mostly. They use all sorts of King Kong to perform dance to hold drive demon to send esteem feed child ceremony, tibetan language is called " originally an Er " , meaning for Gan Jiuduo horse, this activity is in that day hold by day.

Annual folk " solid " drive ghost ceremony, people should prepare very interesting and very special dinner. Waited for a reason as a result of condition of Tibetan environment economy in the past, the dinner that hides a person likes to wait for make it gruel with highland barley, roasted qingke barley flour mostly or noodles in soup piece, tibetan language a general designation is " dash forward cling to " . The dinner that sends ghost this day is called " ancient dash forward " because its contain 9 kinds of food, be like fruit of a knot in one's heart of cornmeal, pea, face, ginseng. The turnip. To make this one special dinner has grumous festive atmosphere, special still option is different and indicative the article of the meaning, if some article are indicative lucky, the individual character of some indicative people and disposition feature. These food that have adumbrative sex feature include in dough, a knot in one's heart that be the same as a face is put in the terrine to cook goluptious cooked wheaten food together. Eat " ancient dash forward " before break in his hand take posse wet side and hold those who brush oneself is knead after tightening each place, read aloud even in the mouth: "Ah! Be in new 12 months of a year in 360 days, the affliction on my heart and the ailment that go up personally and what all evil influence and unlucky ask you to take the sea is thither. " put the dough that sticks full disease and unlucky again next of " ghost " in the broken terrine of figure. All these undertakes ending, domestic goodwife personally be the chef fills a meal for everybody, when the food that takes the form such as a day, month, book and figure of Buddha when somebody, people puts down the bowl in the hand, raise goblet to sing wine song, propose a toast to them express lucky blessing; When someone takes a bag to have the food of abb, stone, kindling and milk products, everybody judges a head to talk in succession to this sufficient, soft, his volition is as hard as petrosal like speaking highly of their disposition to resemble abb, like treating others to resemble blaze enthusiastic, their heart is as pure like breasts; When eating a bag to have the food such as appearance of person of salt, chili, ceramics, crooked neck and charcoal, the buttock when they work does not resemble people admonish like salt heavy, cannot resemble chili to the person same have a caustic and flippant tongue, do not eat his head off like ceramics, work cannot crooked neck does not act, be an upright person cannot the heart is too black, ask people wants above to express a nip in the bud with singing; When if young girl eats,giving the food that carries wild child appearance on the back, everybody fools Tang Dafu and remind them to want to notice to maintain them chasteness; One kind is called " Si Ma hot fruit " the food that systemic overgrow pricks, who eats its specification this person hurts a person to cannot get along well everywhere, make wait to this wants be made to drink as a forfeit and let him learn hee-haw, dog. Will remain in the bowl each finally " ancient dash forward " in pouring a person to send the broken terrine of ghost, say even: "I make you satiate drink today sufficient later, all evil influence unlucky in letting you take away the home, you must accomplish a head to also do not answer the ground to go to that distant place. " the family ends this one special dinner in happy and festive atmosphere.
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