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The folk-custom with special Tibet
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There are a lot of extraordinary things in Tibet, besides big hill flood, the most absorbing perhaps is this old people is consuetudinary. And special environment and infiltration arrives later the life the religious belief of each corners is to affect two fields with people the biggest life.

The tradition lives
Prairie tent----Tent by herd people is braided, uses data is taken mostly from yak, tent is yak woolen, yak wool compiles tent string
Dress----The dress of lama and nun: Tibetan monk dress basically has 3: The upper part of the body wears bank shoulder, gules monk skirt is worn below, humeral head is inclined pester a body length that compare a body to make an appointment with the wine cassock of double
Self-buried----Everybody should face death, this is the mankind the proposition of a collective He Yongheng, devote spirit is the gist that Cang Chuanfo teachs place to advocate, self-buried with this gist be photograph be identical
N/bot saffron crosus and careless safflower----Careless safflower calls safflower again, produce Egypt formerly, but help advance somebody's career in and other places of Pakistan, India the history is very long also, careless safflower and n/bot saffron crosus only the change of one word
Conceal clearly method----Astronomy calendar of Tibet is a few chiliad come to what according to manufacturing need development of Tibetian working people rises, lunar calendar used by the Zang nationality is celestial body cent 12 palace, belong to with 12 n suitable with the five elements) come a way of counting the years
Hide clansman name and its appellation----Person of the Han nationality has surname, be like Zhao, money, grandson, plum, a hunderd schools surnames known to all. Person of the Han nationality has surname because of oneself, encounter Tibetian person so, should also ask “ your surname? ” , do so that the other side replies very hard, because Tibetian is,do not have a surname.
Banner of Tibetan wind horse is artistic----On the Tibetan highland of the motherland, in the area of Tibetian inhabit a region of Sichuan, Qinghai, Gansu Province, Yunnan and the neighbouring country such as Nepalese, Sikkim, Bhutan, Kashmir, people everywhere can see one string is strung together, the bannerol of one clump clump, of all kinds that goes up pieces with cloth of print of block of classics cuss image, yarn of ramie, silk and handmade paper. Form of these square, horn, the bannerol of form is had order ground is fixed door head, rope, a group of things with common features, on branch, drift between the earth and canopy sway, made a kind of state that receives a day repeatedly.

Religious lively skill----It is Tibetian person the serious content with daily indispensable life, they hope to be in have unripe accumulate merits and virtues many years, the happiness of a future life of in an attempt to.
6 words true word----"唵 , , , , 6 words of " of Mi, 吽 are big Ming Zhenyan, result from Sanskrit, those who be secret lotus ministry is essential true character.   
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