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Tibetian " display hada "
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Displaying “ hada ” is a kind of Tibetian people's commonnest courtesy, it is the chasteness that conveys oneself to the other side, sincere desire, faithfulness and respect. In Tibet, generally marriage funeral section is celebrated, greet send toward, visit figure of Buddha of elders, present oneself before an emperor, send off go on a long journey etc, have the habit that displays “ hada ” . Allegedly, the Tibetan took cloister entrance door, display a hada first, next figure of Buddha of pay homage to, look around to each hall, along with sit, arrive parting when, a hada is put behind the place that still has taken in oneself, although leave,show a person, but the heart still is in.

“ hada ” is cloth of a kind of raw silk, be like,spin poorly net, useful also silk is of makings. ” of hada of top grade “ is knitted all sorts of lid of lotus, Aquarius, umbrella, conch hidden from view that express good fortune as one wishes spend design. The material of hada, differ because of economic condition and different, but people not the actor bad of dispute material, want to be able to convey host only piece good wish went. The accident of hada is differ, better L comes 2 a unit of length, short person 3 to 5 feet. Tibetian thinks white is indicative chasteness, auspicious, so, white is like hada — . In addition, colored still for blue, white, yellow, green, red multicoloured hada. Blue expresses blue sky, white is Bai Yun, green is river river water, red is the space protects way spirit, yellow is indicative the earth. Buddhist doctrine explains multicoloured hada is the dress of Bodhisattva, it is to give Bodhisattva and near when the arrow that make variety uses, it is the most precious gift.

“ hada ” is representing different import below different situation. The day of festival, people each other displays hada, state congratulant travel day is happy, life happiness; Hada respectfullies present on wedding, mean wish newlywed conjugal love is like hill, live to old age in conjugal bliss; Hada dedicates when welcoming guest, express devotional, pray Bodhisattva is blessed; Hada is displayed on funeral, it is to express to be mourned to the dead and be opposite of the dead's family member comfort.

The movement that shows “ hada ” because of the person different, generally speaking, want to hold hada in both hands with both hands, hold high as smooth as the shoulder, make the same score again next extend forward, bow the other side, at this moment, hada is being made the same score with the top of head, this expresses respect of pair of the other side and the biggest beatific —— good fortune as one wishes. The other side is made the same score with both hands with the attitude of respect receive. Right honour person, both hands wants to had lifted a head when elder displays hada, the body slightly forward bend, hold hada in both hands before or you; To of the same generation or subordinate, on the neck that can be fastened in them. Display hada to be in Tibet is very general, even when people corresponds each other, also be inside the envelope attach a small hada, in order to show blessing and greeting. Particularly interesting is, on a few hada also are taken when the Tibetan goes out, encounter in order to have during transit long use when other kin, friend.
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