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Hada culture of Tibet
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About " hada " the origin of this word had be notted decide up to now theory, but hada is Yuan Chaoguo division really 8 think of Ba Congmeng ancient area to head Tibetan division. Arrived 16 centuries, as Huang Jiao (Cang Chuanfo teachs) travel extensively and permeate what be in Mongolia area, already took hada of part religion colorific to return Mongolia area again again, with Mongolia area original hada be in harmony is an organic whole, become the hada with present more rich content, become the Monggol nationality and Tibetian to represent the articles for use of a kind of folk-custom of highest ceremony.

Shang Baiwen is changed

In the social association of Tibetian, fill an use hada for a long time this is tasted formally, because the rich culture connotation of hada decides,be. Tibetian person all through the ages thinks white, immaculate can be conveyed most and indicative people sincerity, sincere cherished desire, so people uses white hada in social association from of old, in order to express oneself genuine, sincere cherished desire.

A kind of report that white adores or still is the culture mentation that hides ethical profundity in vain. Latter archaeology employee's card is real, from of old Tibetian first civilian special advocate Bai Yan is lubricious. Tibet is entered early in buddhism before, tibetian first civilian with respect to Chong Yangbai thing, moon's path, evasive, abstain from black thing, black path. " king of case Sa Er is passed " reach other in a lot of folktale, will symbolize and represent justice, kind-hearted, exalted person, army or business with the white such as white man, Bai Ma, Bai Yun, white crane, and symbolize and the black such as black, a dark horse, black clouds represents demon, injustice and misfortune. Course of study of indicative chasteness, immaculate, faithful, festival, auspicious, be apt to mixes white justice, and black is contrary, it is evil evil spirit, injustice is mixed generally bodeful, this already made vivid Tibetian culture sense. Concealing state of mind of the idea of this kind of culture that the nation forms in long-term life, culture, can feel everywhere in daily life. Building wall pale is grey, white spot is chosen with flour on window of the door when crossing New Year and wooden furniture or draw white line, give strung of Min of flagon, wine hada or abb, mouth of the mouth that it is crock, bowl sticks ghee, in the Shi Duiding of thoroughfare mountain pass end puts Bai Shi to wait a moment, want to be able to discover nowhere does not see the impress that white adores alertly only.

Arise and form what Tibetian Shang Baiwen changes a concept antedate greatly the generation of hada, and hada is more terminal only the particular form that state of mind of appearing still white culture conveys and handy carrier. Be in early when silk did not appear, tibetian first civilian wait for white article to come with abb, roasted qingke barley flour or Bai Shi, white ash namely expression and indicative and sterling, white benevolence sincerity. As Tibet the nation is the same as inland the association between each nation is ceaseless grow in quantity, promoted the mutual radiate of culture.
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