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Airing flesh and raw meat
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Airing flesh and raw meat

Tibetan person loves generally to eat the meat, the flesh is given priority to with yak flesh, sheep flesh. Tibetian person eats only occasionally hoof kind domestic animals, do not eat strange hoof kind domestic animals. Wait like horse, ass, mulish flesh. They do not love to eat goat meat, think goat flesh hurts kidney. Adage also says: "Goat flesh cannot go up banquet. " dog meat is Tibetan person more of detest, name-calling " of flesh having a dog " , it is very serious issue. Older generation person does not have a fish generally, buddhism of letter of pious of this and this nation, abstain from kill unripe about. And, what the fish often is considered as dragon or water god is reincarnate. Butcher domestic animals undertakes in Chudong more, right now flocks and herds fat, be helpful for freezing in downy cold winter. Slaughter arrogant method, basically be stifle, the purpose is to make blood stays inside body. Kill Yang Shixian entwine 4 feet, use heart of snickersnee straight thrust next. The flesh has eat raw, airing eats and decoct, fry, boil boils a few kinds to have a way. Face a fresh beef or ovine leg, the person that feed pulls out sharp Tibetan knife, choose the nicest place, again and again cut, carry with point of a knife into the mouth. Eat all the year round the person that has raw meat, the technology is very adept, eat with pleasure, rich rhythm. One chunk brings the pork of bone, be eaten very quickly neatly, remnant a pair of framework. Eat eats raw meat now already drop off, and eat meat of airing flocks and herds special still be current. Gao Han of climate of Tibetan each district, biltong is OK classics year not bad. Biltong has two kinds of forms, one kind is whole save rise, tibetan language cries " rest one's deceased father " , meaning make fleshy pitch namely; One kind is the cutlet that cuts 1 feet to grow 1 inch wide left and right sides, hang in Xue Feng to blow dry. The biltong with the famousest Tibet is produced in Yang Zhuoyong lakefront, call " Yang Zhuo strikes element " , ghee distinct benefit, dip in again chili salt pink, eat to make you all one's life unforgettable definitely.

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