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Tibetian cookbook brief introduction
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Tibetian cookbook brief introduction

Tibetian is the nation with a laborious, wisdom, long history. In lengthy historical process not only formed distinctive culture art, and the Tibetan eat that also formed oneself to have distinguishing feature alone gradually in dietary respect, besides the ghee of daily edible, roasted qingke barley flour, still have local color of a lot of Tibetian fastfood. A few kinds introduce to have ghee taste below advocate the cooking method of non-staple food and dish.

Ma Sen puts broken bits of right amount roasted qingke barley flour, ghee, broken grandma and broken brown sugar in dish, mix is kneaded close, fill one party form inside small wooden box, with the hand crowded, squeezing ramming, can make cake of hemp dark square already, its smell is sweet and nice.

The scald in order to remove hairs or feathers puts residue of right amount ghee, broken grandma in dish (slightly water is held close) reach agitate of broken brown sugar to knead close make call " scald in order to remove hairs or feathers " soft cheese cake, the have a distinctive flavour that this cake feeds, it is the best companion makings of edible roasted qingke barley flour.

Handkerchief checks Ma Kuxian to knead dough, hold face a knot in one's heart, after be being thoroughlied cook inside boiler of devoted boiling water, filter doing is stand-by. Reoccupy ghee of one boiler refine, in the face a knot in one's heart that thoroughly cook pouring after refine, add the right amount brown sugar, broken agitate that suckle broken bits to be become already. Handkerchief checks hemp withered flavour acid is sweet goluptious, fat.

Potato of sweet stockaded village boils eight maturity, filter works, flay, cut small, stand-by. The green of abluent flay paragraph, put oily bowl inside a bit after decoct, take out in putting stone chamfer, pound bar, fill a saucer inside, stand-by. Blend curry powder into with cold water mushy, enter oily boiler inside, make it oily curry, stand-by. hotpot chop agglomerate, after be being fried with boil of right amount ghee, put water is added to be boiled frowzily inside boiler, the condiment such as potato, oily curry, salt, ginger, fennel, clove, peppery, Cang Kou is joined after, after agitate is thoroughlied cook, become namely. When eating, can scatter on green mud. Sweet stockaded village is Tibetian edible rice when optimal dish, delicious look is close, condiment is balmy and goluptious.

Fruit of turnip trailing plants hotpot chop agglomerate, put into boiler to add salt to thoroughly cook, hind Luo Bo flay, abluent, cut the cob with appropriate ply, boil additionally a bit with one boiler, after filter works, inside devoted flesh boiler, put ginger, salt, Chinese prickly ash, agitate hind adds boil to boil slightly, put green to be become already. The meat that fruit of turnip trailing plants eats is tender, flavour is delicious, fragile be bored with is goluptious.
Dispel luck takes the bright cheese outfit of summer leather bag inside, lay aside shady and cool place, put for a long time frowzily ferment make grandma broken bits, after spring of the coming year is taken out, dolly becomes small cob, stand-by. Right amount water, cutlet, flour, dry chili, salt pours inside boiler, join the grandma broken bits of cob, boil is boiled. Use one boiler additionally, cheng Fang's right amount water boils broken cornmeal, boil 8 ripe hind, enter cornmeal paste already advocate divide evenly of the agitate inside boiler, thoroughly cook frowzily with slow fire become namely. Dispel luck is Tibetian masses, especially the masses of farming area is in the best companion dish of spring edible roasted qingke barley flour. Pleasant of dispel luck flavour is sweet, feed can warm personally.
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