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Tibetian tea culture talks analyse
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Tibetian tea culture talks analyse

Tea culture is the great creation of human civilization. Our country is the birthplace of tea, tea culture especially long, rich. Live daily in Tibetian people as a result of tea and the crucial position in socioeconomy activity, the tea culture rich and colorful of Tibetian, be full of characteristic, strange flower of the one branch in making our country and even field of world tea culture. The Tibetan division that why to produce tea created bright tea culture however? What do the connotation of Tibetian tea culture and extension have? The article plans to be made with respect to concerned problem discuss.

Place of our country Tibetian occupies an area, average height above sea level 3500 meters of above, the element on the history does not produce tea. Needs tea basically carries bordered ground supply. 3 free speech check Tibetan signal the appellation pronunciation of a lot of things is different, but uniform to tea breathe out for " 槚 " (Ja) . " tea classics " : "Its name says tea, 2 say 槚 , 3 say 蔎, 4 say tea, 5 say 荈 " . "Its flavour pleasant, 槚 also; Unwilling and bitter, error also; Sip suffers from pharynx pleasant, tea also " . Visible Tibet language was to use Chinese to tea ancient say.

Tea passes into Tibet formally, it is to be being spat write period, achievement of rich material culture, have to write the influence with profundity to spitting, especially because of civil into, two princesses mix Jin Cheng early or late those who kiss Tibetan regime in ancient China is direct drive, the communication of Tang Bo politics, economy, culture had very great progress, cause Tibetan regime in ancient China to appear " gradually Mu Huafeng " social conduct. Tea culture is as the achievement of culture of a kind of material of Central Plains in this kind of communication society of Tibetan regime in ancient China be afferented very natural.

According to Tibetian history record, tea is the great-grandson that does cloth in soft support when cloth of loose rank grass raises v/arc be on the throne (676 one 704) of the Tibetan regime in ancient China that send a person. Get as medicaments of a kind of health care at that time of assist general love. Tang Li starts " national history fills " carry: "Xi Bo of Chang Lu envoy, make tea in account. Does assist general ask ' this why content? ' Lu Gong says: ' cleanse irritated cure is thirsty, alleged tea also. ' assist general says: ' I this also has. ' satisfy a life to go out, say in order to point to: ' this life administrative division person, this easy city person, this Gu Zhu person, this Qi door person, this flourishing person, lake of this * * person ' . " among them, life administrative division, easy city is in Anhui, gu Zhu is in short for Zhejiang Province, qi door is in another name for Hubei province, flourishing is in Sichuan, ※ ※ lake is in Hunan. Although assist general has Central Plains the rarest tea, but not the law of drink of Xiao Ji boil, the common practice that drinks tea in society of Tibetan regime in ancient China at that time it is thus clear that is unpopular. About this bit, the document of the period of Tibetan regime in ancient China that we still can come up out of land in Dunhuang, Xinjiang gets evidence in the data: Be in a large number of writing to coil, in inscribed wooden slip, the goods and materials that daily life middling sees people is highland barley, wheat, rice, wine, ox, sheep, fur wait, do not see the record of concerned tea alone only. From this we also can be pushed know, at the beginning of at least 9 centuries previously, person of Tibetan regime in ancient China has not formed the social habits and customs that drink tea. Tea at this moment although already inputted Tibetan regime in ancient China, but still belong to precious scarce goods.
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