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Tibetian is prandial characteristic
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Tibetian is prandial characteristic

The people of each nation, different area has different prandial characteristic, and of Tibetan people prandial have its unique nation distinguishing feature more, their food includes roasted qingke barley flour, ghee, ghee tea, sweet tea-oil tree, sweet wine of broken bits of tea, beef, grandma, highland barley, pea, horsebean, round root. Especially tea of roasted qingke barley flour, ghee, sweet wine of tea, highland barley has characteristic of ethical food culture more. More than 1000 years ago, and even longer period, these food are the main food of Tibetian people.

Tibetan highland presses its latitudinal position, the majority belongs to semi-tropical warm wind belt, average height above sea level 4000 meters of above, having extremely rich rich. Tibet and our country are compared with latitudinal area photograph, altitude tall, air rare, fall little, sunshine enough, wind speed is big. Made Tibetan Tibetian people's individual prandial habit as a result of this individual situation and climate characteristic, the Tibetan highland in length and breadth of land is tea of roasted qingke barley flour, ghee, sweet all through the ages such as flesh of wine of broken bits of tea, grandma, highland barley, flocks and herds is Tibetian traditional food of people. The nutrient characteristic that food of tradition of Tibetan Tibetian people talks about summarily below and culture are characteristic.

1 , highland barley: Highland barley calls Ke barley again, yuan wheat, Mi Mai, it is the main raw material of the Tibetian people roasted qingke barley flour that make, face of the wear after highland barley is fried is mixing with ghee tea eat, people also makes highland barley and pea sophisticate roasted qingke barley flour, the nutrition of highland barley is richer, from concerned data contrast sees the staple food roasted qingke barley flour of Tibetian people, nutrient value not under other cereal nutrition, some nutriment return prep above other corn edibles, the roasted qingke barley flour of highland barley make it not only the traditional food that is Tibetian people, and the main restaurant that appears in Lhasa as Tibetan eat, make the main provision of entertainment foreign guest. In religious festival Tibetian people throws away roasted qingke barley flour even, in order to show a blessing; When holding mulberry of royal cook over a slow fire, people not only bit of water should be sprinkled in past fire, even devoted roasted qingke barley flour. Tibetian folk song sings: You ignite snow basketry, I burn a roasted qingke barley flour... the glamour of culture of this kind of roasted qingke barley flour is other people is scarce.

2, the flesh kind: Tibetian people is main with ox, hotpot, grandma kind goods is given priority to, and the bovine hotpot of masses of a pasturing area each dosage of every lunar eclipse amounts to 60 jins of above, the ghee amount of edible is larger also, with roasted qingke barley flour not much, now and then also edible some the face a knot in one's heart of flour make it, "Earth cling to " . In winter main with the flesh kind give priority to, summer however the yoghurt with many edible, bright grandma, try a few roasted qingke barley flour. But masses of a pasturing area does not eat vegetable commonly, food is drab, from single dietary construction for a pasturing area and even belong to in a few town of Tibet tall division of food of adipose, high protein. Flesh of well-known flocks and herds and ghee quantity of heat are very high, this unplugs to living in Gao Hai and human body is helpful for resisting for the people of cold region cold. Interesting is to hide clansman civilian to have the habit that eats raw meat, if arrive in a few herdsman or farming area home,can see be hanged inside house or the airing ox hotpot inside tent, many people feed the bovine hotpot of this kind of airing to be fun with be born, drink again next go up the ghee tea with some of sweet alcohol. If you go sojourning in the home, hospitable host also can take out flesh of airing flocks and herds to call a guest to sample, this peculiar special flavor is in only Tibetan highland just can be savoured.
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