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Dish Tibetan food introduces
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Dish Tibetan food introduces

1, oil mixes ginseng fruit raw material: Ginseng fruit 19, ghee 95 money, white sugar or red pond 9. The method that make: Ginseng fruit is in water the fish out after thoroughlying cook, mix with dissolved ghee close, the red pool that increases white sugar or dolly can. This dish is Lenten, when doing, igneous Hou has shoulded not be flourishing.

2, yoghurt rice raw material: Yoghurt 49, thoroughly cook rice a bowl, ghee 95 money, white sugar 9. The method that make: Full rice is filled inside big bowl, add yoghurt. Fuse ghee with low baking temperature, a bit Hou is equably on yoghurt, asperse on white sugar.

3, raw material of oily noodles served with soy sauce: Flour a jin, red pond 9, grandma broken bits 19 ghee 49. The method that make: face become reconciled, mix work a little a few harder had better, the little a knot in one's heart with make it even size, put into water to thoroughly cook fish out. In suckling broken bits, put into a bit. Small salty cold boiled water immerses. Become red pond dolly grain shape. Add low baking temperature to fuse ghee into liquid state, broken bits of the face a knot in one's heart that has boiled, grandma, red pond is joined at the same time mix has in dissolving ghee, on low baking temperature cook over a slow fire comes face piece is shown small red when leave boiler instantly.

4, raw material of " of exuviate of the " that suckle broken bits: Excellent ghee a jin, grandma broken bits 49, red pond 39. The method that make: Broken bits doing a grandma is added wet, ghee holds shiver, red pond dolly becomes grain state. Put them in salver to be blended with the hand together, blend well-balanced hind put in square perhaps exert oneself to do sth. in circular household utensils extrusion, can break away from place vessel Min, the exuviate that suckle broken bits has been done.

5, raw material of " of exuviate of " of roasted qingke barley flour: Ghee 59, roasted qingke barley flour 69, grandma broken bits 39, red pond or white sugar 29. The method that make: Put the roasted qingke barley flour, ghee, red pond that suckles broken bits, dolly or white sugar in agitate salver together, undertake blending with the hand, blend even hind it is OK that the basis needs consummate all sorts of appearance.

(Above 5 dish are Lenten, common dish is in hiding food food to fasten its characteristic is, main raw material all is special local product Tibetan an area, nutrition is rich, flavour is delicious, make simple, it is the cooked food that people Tibetan an area likes. It is the cooked food that people Tibetan an area likes..

6. Bolus of cruelly oppress of Chinese caterpillar fungus

Raw material: Aweto 10 root, fresh fish 1, salt 2 money 4 grams, ghee 5 two, ginger is 2 money, feral garlic 1 money, egg 1, fabaceous pink 2 money, water mixes fabaceous pink 1 money.

Practice: Chinese caterpillar fungus adds a few cold water to fill the evaporate in be being put in steam box inside the bowl ripe. The spur of take out fresh fish and piscine skin, be bungled into fleshy mashed vegetable or fruit with the back of a knife blade. Egg white and dry beans pink are blended, cruelly oppress mud is in the fabaceous pink egg white that blend make it meatball, the blast in changing good ghee is ripe. Take out Chinese caterpillar fungus from inside steam box ground of a root is inserted on fish a round mass of food, orderly in be being placed in dish dish. Ginger is joined after with boiler of small firebrand dish medium ghee changes a liquid piece, pink of beans of agitate of a few salt, feral garlic, water, water, when cook over a slow fire becomes occurrence boil bubble, irrigate in bolus of cruelly oppress of the Chinese caterpillar fungus on fish a round mass of food this dish make it. Those who need an attention is fire had shoulded not be flourishing, when changing ghee, ten million cannot scorch, changed the ghee of solid into the liquid to be able to be used.
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