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Store food: The kitchen that carries
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Highland barley is Tibetan person bilks the main crop that feels unripe, tibet also is at the same time one of areas with highland barley most area are grown on the world. Highland barley basically distributings in city of Gan Zi of our country Tibet, Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan enlighten celebrate and other places, in altitude 4200, 4500 meters area, highland barley is exclusive crop almost. It is annual before start harvesting of highland barley yellow maturity, preparation, tibetian farmer can wear festal dress, the food crops that the hand holds adumbrative golden harvests in both hands is fought and highland barley wine, around move farm festively singing and dancing, celebrate joyously those who congratulate beforehand a bumper harvest " visit fruit red-letter day " . Photography / Zhang Chao sound Geographical environment is the main factor that decides way of life of a nation, the freezing climate of snow region highland restricted Tibetan person to be depended on completely farming the agrarian region that seek to live on, partial Tibet first civilian can place existent hope on nomad production only. In broad Tibet area, nowhere is not in traditional glamour, tenacious nomadism first civilian the life is consuetudinary follow up to now. The Tibet now, no matter be to be in a pasturing area, farming area or urban district, tibetan person is used in food and clothing wait for a respect to preserving nomadic distinctive tradition.

Store food: Carry " kitchen "
The dietary literacy of Tibetian is very plain, store food 4 treasure -- the elite that flesh of flocks and herds, milk products, highland barley and tea enriched Tibetan diet. The food of Tibetan person lives and these 4 kinds of food blend completely together, simple, straightforward, honest. What Tibetan drink food plants is simple, as distinctive as Tibet geographical environment is inseparable.

Qinghai-Tibet Platean is average altitude 4000 meters of above, freezing climate causes a plant kind food shorts badly, of Tibetan person all the year round food can demarcate is in the flesh kind with milkings limits inside. Highland barley is the crop with peculiar Tibet, a staple food of the Zang nationality that controls with highland barley is carried and edible all very convenient, suit very much pastoral the life that live randomly.

Although hide an area to lack vegetable and fruit badly, but Tibetian person does not lack a vitamin, they are balanced main way of nutrition is a large number of drinkable crisp tea-oil tree. "Of flesh of raw meat or fish feed, blame tea not disappear; The heat of highland barley, blame tea indissolubles " , the crisp tea-oil tree that put salt, green tea and tea with milk became Tibetian person drink of daily and indispensible be eaten together with rice or bread. Tibetian person is depending on simple Tibetan eat 4 treasure, satisfied body need already, make nomad life unapt again by place of the top of a kitchen range tired.
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