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Snow region highland is sweet tea waves sweet
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Tibet arrives first, because highland reacts always some are unwell, have the person of experience to be able to use a variety of method to overcome or be reduced this kind is unwell, among them a kind of method is drunk namely sweet tea. Lhasa has a lot of sweet cafes. Sweet tea is the tea drink that takes popularity in Tibetan Lhasa in recent years. Fine article sweet tea, have tea the grandma is sweet, sweet with candy sweet embellish. Sweet tea, tibetan words says " just An Mo " , it is Tibetan person most one of drink that love.
Using ghee tea to entertain a guest is the tradition with old Tibetian. Ghee tea service has tea the grandma is sweet, sweet, still take a bit saline taste slightly. It already can satisfy one's thirst, can allay one's hunger, it is the drink with the most important Tibet.
In home Tibetan afterbirth be a guest drinks tea to also have a rule. When the guest drinks the first cup of tea, want to touch tea a few with ring finger, play to heaven and earth asperse 3 times, consecratory deity, dragon and gnome. When drinking tea cannot too urgent too fast, cannot one cup uses up drink. There cannot be sound in the mouth when drinking tea, should gently drink sips. Be regarded as to do not have accomplishment otherwise. Drink tea with 3 cups most auspicious.
Tea cannot leave instantly among Tibetian life. After getting up in the morning, hollow drink tea first 45 cups, wash gargle to end when using breakfast, drink ghee tea, about drink 78 cups. When working, also drink tea ceaselessly. One the world comes,
Should drink tea 30 go to 40 cups. Farming, herdsman and hard physical labor person drink tea more, thicker also. Accordingly, tibet is one of areas with the largest wastage of the tea on the world.
In Tibet, tea is indicative lucky happiness and divine. When sacred deities and ancestor, should offer on brick tea or a bowl-shaped compressed mass of tea leaves. The tea in marital betrothal gift is more indispensable.

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