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Fry highland barley and grind roasted qingke barley flour
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Roasted qingke barley flour, ghee, tea still has flesh of flocks and herds, of food of the Tibet that be called " 4 treasure " . The history of a lot of Cang Hanwen words,
Record and narrate the development process of Tibetian food culture, and varied consuetudinary. According to " Tibetan king all is written down " on account,
In the Christian era when appearance of tribute of heart of cloth of leader of tribe of 2 century elegant grand, farming agrarian very develop, "Touch Mu Weikong to make yoke plow, close 2
Yoke opens wasteland, path the water that collect a lake enters conduit, irrigate farm is made cultivate. " arrived the Christian era 6 century second half period, "Ley
Farm closes it is, laky star is listed, conduit is interlinked, the water harbour on slope is a pool, the water between hill is derivative will use " .
Be these farm ley, for the life the people on this land offerred roasted qingke barley flour, ghee and carnivorous. To Cang Wanglang
When day soft support, prairie Tibetan north discovered big saline, not only make food taste delicious, also let carry salt on the back to become a kind strong
Beautiful life. Every this a variety of, formed Tibetian a variety of food are consuetudinary.

New Year of lunar calendar used by the Zang nationality hides the offerings of clansman home

One, fry highland barley and grind roasted qingke barley flour

Roasted qingke barley flour is the staple food of downy nation, it is food of Tibetan a group of things with common features 4 treasure -- first of flesh of roasted qingke barley flour, ghee, tea, flocks and herds.

Roasted qingke barley flour resembles chow mien, but not be chow mien, be fry ripe highland barley bead to grind by a kind make and become.

Highland barley belongs to barley division, basically grow at the high cold area such as Tibetan highland, autumn is in 90, 180 days differ,
General mu crop is in 300, 500 jins or so. Tibet is common green wheat bead color, it is cyan, violet black more two kinds.

The highland barley that boil

Fry highland barley to have a complex process, want to undertake concentration to highland barley first, seed of among them shrivelled wheat bead, wildlife, cobble,
The other such as clod is sundry eliminate, leave full highland barley wheat.

Fry highland barley tool, head number fries pan greatly, show concavity diameter 40 centimeter left and right sides, 2 it is boiler opens a sieve, boiler bottom covers small hole,
Its action is leakage fine sand, can part highland barley bead and sand. Still have in addition " T " form is ligneous tool, long about
40 centimeter, crossbeam part a side opens the slot that both ends is interlinked, can boiler of end of in order to, batch use very hot sand.

Adobe build by laying bricks or stones becomes the kitchen range that fries highland barley, show " string " glyph, 3, 4 kitchen aperture, kitchen hole size, appearance and fry boiler to wait.
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