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Roasted qingke barley flour is the staple food of Tibetian
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Roasted qingke barley flour is the staple food of Tibetian. A day of 3 eat have Tibetian person roasted qingke barley flour. Roasted qingke barley flour, renown eaves sounds fresh, it is green actually a chow mien. It is highland barley wheat fries the ripe, mill, chow mien that sifts nevertheless, as northward as our country chow mien is a bit similar, but northward chow mien is after be being ground first, fry, and Tibetan roasted qingke barley flour is however after be being fried first, grind, do not divide a skin.

When eating roasted qingke barley flour, on a few ghee are put in the bowl, pour person boiled water, put on chow mien, with hand agitate. When mixing, use chow mien of middle finger general to be pounded gently to bowl bottom first, lest boiled water spills over outside the bowl; Turning next bowl, show with the hand clingy bowl edge presses chow mien in person boiled water; Wait for chow mien, boiled water and ghee to mix divide evenly, can hold a group with the hand, can take food. When feeding, be ceaselessly with the hand in the bowl agitate is held, knead synthetic group, go to with the hand send in the mouth. Tibetian masses has a meal -- kind need not chopstick, ladle, catch with the hand only. This kind has a meal means and Indian likeness, the Indian eats rice to also be caught with the hand, be called catch a meal.

Because roasted qingke barley flour has a way simple, carry convenient, suit nomad life very much. Herdsman people bag of a roasted qingke barley flour always should be registered between the waist when giving far door, hungry, catch a roasted qingke barley flour to eat from the pocket. Sometimes, they draw out a wooden bowl from the bosom, pack some of roasted qingke barley flour, nod ghee tea, add bit of salt, agitate a few, catch eat. Sometimes, the edge eats roasted qingke barley flour, the edge drinks ghee tea. Sometimes, call roasted qingke barley flour into " Tang Gu " in leather pocket, rejoin ghee tea, hold the mouth of bag single-handed, lie between single-handed bag catch hold, a little while, the roasted qingke barley flour of delicious can enter the mouth.

When Tibetian hides calendar year too, domestic home wants to place to cry on ark Tibetan type " Zhu Suoqi Ma " lucky wood is fought, bottle inside put Man Qing, flooey pole and eminent Ma (ginseng fruit) wait, there is blueness above beautiful school of spic, ear and one kind cries " Zi eminent " the variety that draw has pattern of the sun, moon, star is lienal. Neighbour or kin friend will pay a New Year call, host has been carried " Zhu Suoqi Ma " , the guest grabs with the hand a bit roasted qingke barley flour, remove 3 times repeatedly to the middle of sky, catch again put into the mouth, say next: "Plunge into Germany to strap " () of good fortune as one wishes, express a blessing.

In Tibet, afterbirth family hides in every, can see ghee at any time and place. Ghee is every Tibetian person daily indispensable food.
Ghee comes out from the abstraction in grandma of ox, sheep. Previously, the method of herdsman abstraction ghee is more special. Will suckle first plan heat, be called into a kind next " Xue Dong " in big cask (tall 4 feet, diametical L feet controls) , fluctuate forcibly lash, make a round trip hundreds times, agitate gets grease to depart, what float removes yellow of a lake above is aliphatic, rise its dip, rinse skin pocket, cooled become ghee. Now, a lot of places use butyric centrifuge to abstract ghee gradually. Generally speaking, a cow can produce 45 jins of milks everyday, every 100 jins of grandmas can extract 56 jins of ghee.
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