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Tibet. Ghee tea. Healthy
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In the pallet camp of lakefront of wrong emperor of Tibetan accept wood, year of little girl adroitly forge ghee tea. The salt of will boiling brick tea juice, ghee and a few falls into cylinder, churn up and down with stake again after tea-seed oil mixes adequately with respect to success.

Be in now Tibetan town, machine of dynamoelectric ghee tea has all-pervading tendency, but a pasturing area in with a vast territory, the Tibetan basically still is admired bilk yak dung as fuel. The ghee that regards a Tibetan as one of staple food, come out by the abstraction in ox or ovine grandma, adipose content is as high as 90% , quantity of heat is extremely high, because this can provide Qinghai-Tibet Platean people's enough energy, cope with climate chill, live the downy environment of conditional Yan Ke. The ghee that hides an area now is used not completely already " Xue Dong " (canister of Tibetan language ghee) self-restrained, the use of milk segregator is popularized gradually, still have a plenty of buy the butter that takes by outback carry directly.

Of Tibet drink tea means belongs to old boil to boil a law, with Tang Chao when of Chinese ground drink tea fashion come down in one continuous line, this shows at that time Tibetan regime in ancient China and big the Tang Dynasty association is passed into to tea reach its of the influence of drinkable means far-reaching.

Have for a time the be current in Tibetan city is drunk sweet tea with milk. Sweet tea with milk is made by black tea, candy and milk, be from India, Nepalesethe businessman is passed into Tibet. Lhasa, Day noise made in coughing or vomiting criterionThe cafes in waiting for a city is bristly, past cafes basically is noble, businessman and the place that person having money goes, now have been major Tibetans' recreational good place. Be over from cloister knock in the morning after long head, the Tibetan can drink a cup of tea rest to cafes; Or call face of a bowl of Tibet to match tea with milk to wrap an abdomen; When discussing an issue with the friend, also meet in cafes one horn sits down. Sweet cafes at the function in Tibetan city, current like Taiwan the popular cafe in ave lane!

Besides dietary use, tea still is acting a lot of parts. New Year of lunar calendar used by the Zang nationality must offer on a few brick tea in shrine; Marry sending tea is best congratulation; Lamasery will drink tea to blend in Buddhist ceremony activity and make the important one ring in Buddhist ceremony more. The character of Tibetan culture and religious marriage, be shown on tea as much.

However, tea brings those who hide a person is not health is mixed completely peacefully, the fluorine content in brick tea exceeds other sort tea number is decuple. Ghee tea, it is Tibetian almost every eat is necessary, add the habit of strong tea of their be addicted to, often meeting general tea is long infusion, make the major fluorine in brick tea ionic all be given by dissolve. Medical treatment findings shows, the incidence of a disease of fluorine spot tooth of the Tibetian adolescent of and other places of Tibet, Qinghai and children is close 50% , the Tibetian that lives in area of top height above sea level among them uses more brick tea because of needing and more very. Tibetian cannot leave tea, the habit that drink tea is confirmed, supply the brick tea that hides area low fluorine only, just be the Tibetan's long and healthy assurance.
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