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Life of each district Tibetan is consuetudinary - dietary culture
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Life of each district Tibetan is consuetudinary - dietary culture

[Gansu Province Tibetian]
The food of Gansu Province Tibetian abounds diversity, the difference is bigger between farming and stockbreeding areas, farming area makes food give priority to with the face, a pasturing area is given priority to with carnivorous and milk products. Cake of essence of life and bovine hotpot are the common provision of a pasturing area, cake of essence of life is fried by Yo class grind and become, when eating, ghee is put in Long Wanli, sail upstream or loose Pan Dacha and tea with milk, blend hold a group and from. Cake of essence of life still has a kind to have a way, add cake of essence of life namely water holds the figure like small spoon, fill on yoghurt or eat off since Shang Yi. Some people mix water chili, oil diced meat of mashed garlic, hot pepper or flesh fry dawdle to fill borrowing rake eat off together inside the ladle that holds, its local color is very distinctive, tibetan words says " the name hangs a bottle of hemp " . Case cake is saved easily, have a way handy, smell is sweet be able to bear or endure be hungry. "Ma " the breakfast that tea is Tibetian of a pasturing area. Its having a way is preexistence a few chow mien, dry cheese and ghee are put in the bowl, go up again boiled water, after waiting for boiled water to be drunk, will sanded face is worn with finger agitate eat. Tibetian of a pasturing area eats noodle, deep-fried dough cake and Tibetan steamed stuffed bun euqally besides elephantine agriculture area outside, still eat " wither especially " . Its practice is push the scale into thin pancake evaporate ripe, take the advantage of heat to add ghee, at cheese, mix become namely after divide evenly.

[Tibetian of a pasturing area]
After flocks and herds of butcher of Tibetian of a pasturing area, the first should eat bowel of knead dough of bowel of bowel of pectoral forked flesh, black pudding, collapse, anus. Of black pudding making a way is: the flesh, adipose, blood and condiment mix small intestine of the rinse after divide evenly, put the one scald thin slices of meat in boiling water in boiled water boiler two boil, wait for intestinal blood unfinished completely caky namely fish out, hold bicephalous edge to eat edge suck, taste is extremely little. Tibetian woman is postpartum and average want butcher to uncover a sheep, eat fresh pork and blood sausage with nourishing body. Fleshy bowel is will mincing flesh, adipose add condiment to mix divide evenly, from ovine large intestine fine paragraph toward thick Duan Bian outfit edge breaks up, overflow fire to thoroughly cook after that. Face bowel is ovine oil mincing add condiment to put person flour, add water to mix mushy fill enters Yang Chang in, thoroughly cook can feed. Liver bowel is the hepatic dissect the sheep, add right amount sheep oil and condiment to thoroughly cook again feed namely. Its flavour is delicious fragile tender, can make person bright eye. The hand catchs the flesh ripe and not sodden, fresh and tender and goluptious, the skill when eating holds a knife, catch the flesh single-handed, friend says the hand catchs the flesh. Boil flesh is Gansu Province Tibetian another have a way distinctly, its practice is put the meat person bowl inside, pour cold water firm one boil, namely fish out water is scattered on salt is fed with Chinese prickly ash, its taste is little and fragile tender, get people reception greatly.
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