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With the wind flying classics long narrow flag
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Tibetan person reachs first, experience the deepest is the religious atmosphere with full-bodied Tibet. The long narrow flag of classics of of all kinds that you see writing lection or draw to have figure of Buddha then, go up in the building of every family, on tent with the wind flying. The Potala Palacethe colored flag that resembles a red-letter day via long narrow flag, hang Gong Ding all the time from palace bottom. The Potala PalaceWith medicine the contest of classics long narrow flag between Wang Shan is as long as many meters 100. Inside Lhasa city a lot of street cross a street to pulling a string to string together classics long narrow flag, resemble the colored flag that when foreign visitor is being greeted on Beijing Chang'an Street, hangs. Wear a on Lhasa river little bridge, far look be like on the bridge full flower, looking nearly is the classics long narrow flag that hanging so. Going up even that in the driveway sailed car is hanged have classics long narrow flag. Anyhow, no matter be in Lhasa, still be inDay noise made in coughing or vomiting criterion, prosperous, no matter be,also be in mysterious Lin Zhi is jungly, still be in primitive Kang Ba is tribal, always the place of somebody has classics long narrow flag.
Delegate Tibetan belief and adored classics long narrow flag () of banner of renown wind horse, see at first lift religious sect at Ga (teach in vain) " seek crowded " over. Seek crowded, it is Tibetan article " mist " and " rope " close write, in reality, seeking is one kind is brought to cord of aerial ox hair from the ground crowded, there is draw to have the standard of calico long narrow flag that lection and totem adore on cord, use indicative and lucky with restful. The design on classics long narrow flag with dragon, phoenix, the mascot such as bird of snow lion, god and figure of Buddha is given priority to.
As Buddhist development, the applied limits of classics long narrow flag from seek crowded over develop fane of housetop, hilltop, large tree, bridge, tope, from white development arrives red, yellow, blue, white, violet, green wait for a variety of colour; Appearance expands to grow from square square, big wide, still have knockdown even; Content is richer and richer also.
Classics long narrow flag is a kind of woodcut work that imprints on cloth cover actually, it and Ma Buddhist nun engrave stone, mural same, have religious sense not only, still have artistic value, it is one of Chinese folk woodcut little-known breed.
The content of art of classics long narrow flag is very rich. Via there is the biographical picture of dignitary of all previous generation, virtuous emperor, portraiture on long narrow flag, great Master of the earthnut that be like lotus, Milariba's Great Master, ancestor noise made in coughing or vomiting cling to the author of Great Master and Tibetan opera Tang Dongjie wave. Additional, behave the story in sutra and fabulous subject matter, also hold certain proportion in art of classics long narrow flag. These classics long narrow flag represented the belief of Tibetian brethren. Because old times Tibet is rock-bottom,this is people, the life is under turmoil of war and heavy pressure, they are forced to place new student and happy desire at visional a future life, lead to Elysium with what devotional behavior will exchange one Zhang Lian value " entrance ticket " , classics long narrow flag also becomes people to place a kind of good artistic form. If Buddha gives birth to a story to change mediumly originally,resemble " tiger of sacrifice oneself raise " , " the trade that cut the flesh is columbine " etc, be on the move punitive justice metempsychosis the doctrine that waits for abstraction, try to be shown with artistic imagination.
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