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The treasury of Tibetian culture -- " big Tibet classics "
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The Tibet with long history, store the Tibetan article ancient codes and records of vast and numerous. Having one share among them is Buddhist document. Buddhist document is translated into Tibetan article from Sanskrit and Han Wen mostly. Among them the famousest is Tibetan article " big Tibet classics " .

Tibetan article " big Tibet classics " it is Cang Chuanfo teachs classics law to consider total volume. By " Ganzhuer " and " Danzhuer " two parts composition. Compile in 14 centuries middle period. By Cai Ba Gong Ga much auspicious compiles " Ganzhuer " the part includes sutra and partial law Tibet, compile by Budu Renqinzhu " Danzhuer " the part includes to talk scanty hide with partial law. Classics of Tibetan article big Tibet has Ming Yongle 9 years (1411) " Ganzhuer " Nanjing engraving, say always happy edition; Have 10 thousand one by one 22 years (1594) fill in Beijing of quarter " Danzhuer " , weigh edition of 10 thousand all previous. Edition of justifiable still pond, that pond new edition and heart case edition, Beijing edition, Zhuo Ni edition, Lhasa edition. According to statistic of heart case edition, tibetan article big Tibet teachs a literature via receiving Buddha in all 4569 kinds (among them " Ganzhuer " have 1108 kinds, " Danzhuer " have 3461 kinds of) . What stop work, the classics that divides buddhism, law, outside talking, still character of logic, language, art, astronomy, all previous calculates, the write of the respect such as medicine, craft. It is the treasury of Tibetian culture, in Chinese culture and buddhism important place is had on culture history.

Be in " Ganzhuer " medium " all classics departments " and " Danzhuer " medium " this unripe ministry " , " ministry of cultivate one's morality " in, some indicating for " biography " , " this giving birth to " etc, literary color is thicker, it is the literary work in sutra. Have allegorical, story, mythological, fokelore among them, gnomic poem and poetry. The literal form that sutra literature work developed Shi Wen and uses and the poetry that compare argue are stylistic, make its have its color. Among them allegorical, story, fokelore there is whole plot on the structure, with respect to content character. Its tenet is propagandist religion. When publicizing mercy for example, denounce official of oppressor, cruel, sympathize with the people of be in distress; Condemnation miserly is greedy, and praise fervent, abandon already helped a person; Maintain honest keep faith, object bully Kuang breaking one's promise; Praise kind-hearted, lash to wait filthily.

These work depict the society of ancient India lives. India is one of world culture ancient countries, it has long history, bright culture, in circulating among people many allegory, story. Buddhist door of India absorbed these civilian allegory, story, retain their treatment in sutra. As a result of Buddhist transmission, the civilian allegory of these ancient time, story also passes world each district along with the and his like, also circulate of course China. Be become to hide by interpret as a result of sutra civil, these allegory in sutra, story, poetry also from mouth to mouth arrives Tibetan each district. Artistic to Tibetan literature, produced very big effect to the form from content. In Tibet in the literary work of all sorts of types, can find the trace of sutra literature not only, and some has been the same as Tibetan literature union in circulating for a long time, make a component of Tibetan literature.
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